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Gaia Portal ~ More Good Reports

Gaia Portal is very active, so right after I’d caught up, I got two posts behind again.  These message, according to my own reading of them (in orange), are more indication that it’s ALL GOOD on Pachumama (Mother Earth), from now on!

Please add your own comments.  🙂


The Bouquet is ready for presentation

4 Sep

gaia_energy1Extendeds have finished.

Hue-mans whose advancement in Light and vibration has extended beyond the norm have reached the level of Light energy and higher Consciousness that is to be the norm in New Earth.

Super Luminals are in order.

Super Luminals are those who advance faster than the speed of light.  They are set for their final changes.

Processionals come through with Grace.

Those who have slowly but steadily plodded toward Hue-manity and 5D status, reach it through being gifted a Divine blessing, by Grace.

Attunements continue as necessary.

The beings on higher planes (dimensions) who have assisted us in New Earth body changes continue adjusting our systems to the new energies, to New Earth status, as necessary.

The Bouquet is ready for presentation.


Essentials unified, Hue-manity holds the course

6 Sep

gaia_energy1Essentials unified, Hue-manity holds the course.

The Essences, or Higher Selves, of the spiritually advanced people are in unity, acting as one toward 5D New Earth status.

Note:  I’m still using the term 5D for New Earth, though Kryon says that is a 3D way of categorizing it.

Essentials clarified, humanity now grasps the unification.

After much negativity has been cleared away, regular people now have a level of understanding of our unity—our being “All One”.

Essentials illuminated, Gaia Nova is unveiled.

Our Essences now light up our multidimensional systems; we literally shine out Light, so that it becomes evident that Earth is to flash as a star, full of our Light.

Essentials purified, Cosmic alignments are recognized.

With the purifying changes made in ourselves, we have the consciousness to recognize our alignments with beings of other planets, stars, galaxies and universes.  It can also mean that all the levels of ourselves are in alignment.

Staging is complete, separation commences.

We are all set for Gaia to go Nova, it is time to separate out those who have participated in the darkness of 3D Earth, and who refuse to come to the side of Light.  They cannot continue freely as New Ea.rthlings.

Atlas may have shrugged, yet Gaia Nova rises.

Atlas held up the sky, to keep it separate from Earth.  Now Earth becomes part of the sky, as a rising, exploding star!

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  1. Dear Rosalie,
    I very much agree with your interpretations. I just like to make two comments on what I felt when I first read these two new post of Gaia website.

    In the September 4 when he says: “The Bouquet is ready for presentation” My interpretation was that the end will come to light, will be presented, all these Hue-mans that have remained hidden while being prepared and Light trained to assume their new roles in the new earth.
    In the style of the big teams in soccer or basketball at the beginning of the season present their new star signings, those who have been kept secret and closely guarded during the negotiations of their contracts. Hiding them from their rivals or enemies.

    In the September 6, when he says: “Atlas may have Shrugged”, I immediately thought it was a very intellectual and scholar wink of the novel “Atlas Shrugged”.The book recounts a rebellion fiction of big business against the government and politicians, who perform lock out paralyzing the country.
    The most interesting is that this book divides society into two classes: the “looters” and the “no spoilers”. The style of the hu-mans and hue-mans.

    Just wanted to share with you these two findings, on the other hand they are compatible with your do. In the rest of the performances and the overall feel of the messages I totally agree, it is clear that we are about to see and breathe in the new land, that why so many have embodied and worked so hard we create, but honestly I think we can say that we succeeded !!!

    With Love

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