First Wave of Ascension is Near ~ You Are Probably a Part of It

~ What Is Ascension and 5D Consciousness ~

We’re not really going anywhere; we’re just allowing fifth dimensional reality to come alive in our experience.   ~ Matt Kahn

1/3 of the Planet Is Ready

Four Stage Initiation Process

Since this video announcement by Matt Kahn came out in April, 2014, I’ve been waiting and watching for the time to talk about it with my readers.  Now, just in the past few days, I am hearing signs of it and feeling it in my heart.  I want you to first hear this from Matt Kahn, so please watch as much of this video as you have time for.  I think you will want to sit down and WATCH Matt, to see and better feel the humor and Love he radiates.

Meanwhile, observe yourself nonjudgmentally, and I’ll bet you’ll see that you have made many changes toward fifth dimensional beingness.

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  1. Hi Rosalie! I was led to Matt Kahn late last year (around August 2014). Even though I’d been studying Spiritual principles for the past 15+ years, I feel like it’s led up to this. I started when I was young (rejecting organized religion) and found Conversations with God when I was a teenager. Through ups and downs I was led to watch his videos and I knew I was part of the first wave into 5D and it’s basically what I’ve been prepping for my whole life. I’m glad you shared it. Like you, for the past month I’ve felt the 5D energies and signs ramp up. It’s crazy how fast it’s starting to come. I don’t remember anything in terms of where I’ve been (what Earth humans call past lives) but I know that it’s coming because I feel feel the love and excitement around me. Thanks for this blog, I visit often. 🙂

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  2. ❤ Thank you for expressing your own experience and feelings, Lindsay. It encourages me in my work and is confirming to others who may question their own feeling and knowing.


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