New Earth Freedom ~ Love Is Essential

Liberty Bell and ConstitutionIt is an understatement to say that many great spirits, even in very high dimensions, are assisting in this Shift of Consciousness.  Great spirits also gave us the American Constitution, unique in its being based on the philosophy of Freedom inherent in Creator given rights.

The Constitution was an attempt to remove the impediment of unjust government and to push Earth humanity toward self-actualization under the Golden Rule that Jesus taught, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  You are free to follow your desires, as long as you don’t interfere with the rights of others.  To the degree that the Constitution has been followed, we have been free to learn that lesson of Love.

Loving FriendsVery sadly, our Constitution is no longer followed by our enslaving government, but this long weekend is a time to celebrate the coming return of Freedom to all people of the world.  The reason I have no doubt that it will happen is because of the increasing number of people who have now awakened to Love.  I call them 5D people.  They don’t want war or any kind of negativity or drama.  They cut it from their lives and continue building their happy future.

The news in the links on the left side of my web pages shows me that the Controllers’ systems are no longer sustainable.  They are failing and this time, the People around the world have had enough.  The shenanigans of control have become obvious.  People are refusing to be slaves.

Now it is essential for us to learn the lessons of Love of self, other people, animals, plants and all beings.  Our extraterrestrial families are waiting for that so they can openly interact with us in benevolent ways.  We must love, rather than fear them.

Peace and LoveAs we move into the fifth dimensional level of development, the lesson will become to be in control of ourselves and our environments.  Until we learn to love all of creation, our personal goals will conflict with each other and our outer environments.  Attitudes of compassion and cooperation are required to live the 5D lessons.

When we complete our lessons on Love, we will be ready for the Law of One expressed in cooperative government in which there is no hierarchy of control, but councils of service and guidance.  The Law of One says that we understand that we are all One, as at our root, we are all fractals of the Source.   What one does affects the whole.  Our thoughts, feelings, and actions will bear that in mind.



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  1. I cannot imagine a more appropriate message. It reminds us of why the core ideals that we celebrate during this Independence Day are so vital. They remind us, too, that we can most certainly have a world filled with joy and beauty; and that such a world can only be experienced, created and sustained by those who LIVE AS LOVE. When you LIVE AS LOVE, you no longer lend your energy toward creating or sustaining harm to yourself or others. You no longer wish harm on anyone or anything and you live your life accordingly. When you do this, you thereby lend your powerful creative energy in cooperation with all others who do so. Each one of us is blessed with this awesome creative power. May each one of us choose to use it this way. LIVE AS LOVE.

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