First Wave of Ascension ~ The Way Is Clear

Here’s more support for my previous post that the first round of ascension is VERY near.

Gaia Portal.  I’ll bet you find this TERRIFIC NEWS fairly easy to decipher!  My take is in orange.  Please add yours in the comments.

Enrapturings are finished

4 Jul

gaia_energy1Enrapturings are finished.

Emanations of energies that have been put out to the planet, to us, to bring us up, to enrapture us Earth beings, to make us ascend to 5D consciousness, are complete. 

Essentials are incorporated into all Energetic up-levelings as their absence precludes existence.

All energetic essences required for our continued existence on this planet have been worked into the energies that are transforming us.

Last messages have been heard.

Last communications regarding the Old Era have been given and heard by those involved in the effort to transform us.

First messagings of the New Era are recognized by the seekers.

The people who are seeking 5D existence, 5D consciousness in Love—YOU—are getting messages from Mother Earth, getting the feelings and knowings of what is happening, what is about to happen, how to proceed in this new consciousness. 

Though the level of consciousness of the messages varies, you are getting these through your body and from your Higher Self.  As time goes on, you will feel and know and understand them more and more.  This is happening to me, so I know it will happen to all of us.

Finalities are no more.

The moment is now.

This is the moment of ascension.  Remember that beings from other dimensions do not relate exactly to our feeling and recording of time, but rather look at timelines as series of events.  They see all as not happening, but existing in the ever-present NOW.  That is, they see this as a done deal. 

This says to me that all events that from their perspective are necessary for the first round of ascension exist, that is, have happened.  It’s done!


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  1. I’d love to re-blog, and was about too. Then I remembered that my Blog is connected to Facebook, and many people would be confused. I have a lot of Friends from my home city, who post things saying that “homosexuality is a sin.” They tend to not comment on my posts, but I do monitor what I write/re-blog due to them. I have family members who were forbidden to read Harry Potter because it was too sinful. Then I connect my secret New Age blog to Facebook, and I have a feeling my Nieces and Nephews are forbidden to read it. This might led to an awkward family get together… if they ever bother to read my blog. The Oracle Cards keep on saying to take down the connection soon, but not yet. The funny thing is how similar I am to all these people in my home city, save a few beliefs. We are both Spiritual.

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