Stop Begging Your Masters to Label Poison Food

I hadn’t intended to blog about the movement to demand that Monsanto murderers label food after poisoning it.  Now, Jon Rappoport has said it for me.  He points out the insanity of the labeling effort in an informative article with some important facts of the case.  See the reblog, below.

My position:

skull bones

Why wait for Monsanto? You can add your own labels. Just copy this and glue it to your serving bowl, before placing it on the table.

Don’t recognize the Cabal as your (not my)Masters

by begging with live protests, written petitions, or laws that will make them admit what they do, while allowing them to keep doing it.  Take control of your own neighborhood with local laws.  Meanwhile, elect only Hue-Man representatives to state and federal levels, whose goal it will be to fine heavily and jail perpetrators.

“According to evidence unearthed from the archives of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in the United States, it has been established that Monsanto was fully aware of the potential of glyphosate [the primary ingredient in Roundup] to cause cancer in mammals as long ago as 1981…EPA was worried… [read more here.]


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