New Earth

Too Much

Melbourne Beach

Too much technology.  Too much computer.  Too much social interaction.

This half introvert / half extrovert needs to take a whole day break tomorrow, Monday.  I’ve spread my energies too thin.  I’m too distracted.  I’m not writing or reading according to my passion priority.  I’m taking the advice of a dear friend to stop driving myself and to feel Mother Earth, nature, and myself as parts of each other.  I mean literally feel that energy.

Boardwalk Indialantic FLToday my daughter and kids and I went to the beach, my grandson driving under driver’s permit.  The earlier rain left us only a little time, but we soaked up the crystal, water and air energies, massively.  Memories of life in SE Florida.  Now we can feel it all again when we close our eyes.  Yes, I feel myself a part of it.  Jelly fish and sea grapes, included.

We loved that the beach was almost deserted.  The ocean was gorgeous blue with white ruffles at the shore.  I said, “Thank you!” to everything.  My daughter remarked how healing the ocean is.  Yes.  Healing salt is in the air and the sea.  Both salt and sand are crystal.

I don’t know why I was stuck on a midwest farm when I belong by the ocean.  That’s me.  Time for further reflection on what else is me.  Time to make a final, for now, decision on my direction.

Remember that now is our time to choose and over the next few months we will create that choice.  So if you feel the need, take time off for yourself.




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