You Probably Observe Changes in Yourself ~ Gaia Portal Report

New Earth

Here is the latest report on the energies of New Earth, with my take on it.

The title, below, links to the source post.  The orange parts are my interpretation.

Morphological transmutations occur easily at this moment

15 Apr

gaia_energy1Morphological transmutations occur easily at this moment.

Forms are easily raised to higher dimensional energetic frequencies. 

Have you heard how hard the yogis historically had to work to raise their own energy?  It seems that now our focused intent takes us easily toward our desire to be more Light, positive.  Energies now on Earth push us and all beings and forms on Earth upward in vibration. 

Earth is giving us a boost!

Note that negativity cannot be raised.  Rather it must be dissolved.  So let go of it and allow that process.

Intensities of inner uprisings increase.

On the personal level, we may be conscious of uprisings of energies—emotions, Love—from within ourselves.  You may find anger well up inside of you, over things you’d thought you’d gotten over, or for seemingly no reason.  And you may feel occasional waves of Love.  These are intensifying, whether we have become conscious of them or not. 

Let all of them rise up and out, both positive and negative.  The negative will thus be cleared out, while the positive will shine out for others, from endless supply.  This would imply that if we continue to focus on negatives, such as political arguments, racial issues, fearful scenarios like martial law, personal problems of any sort, then ongoing intensification will be increasingly hard to deal with, including effects on our physical health.

On the planetary level, we’ve already looked at how Transformational energies are rising up from Earth, herself, and outward from the hearts of Hue-Mans and other BEings, affecting all and everything on the planet. 

Our boost is boosting the intensities of Transformational energy!

Latitudinal excitations permute essentials.

Our Free Will Choices to live in positive or negative ways determine our vector of changes in the essence of who we are on this New Earth plane of existence, of how we live. 

Consider latitude in regards to lower to higher energetic movement or to our latitude of choice.  These amount to the same, as negative focus lowers our energetic vibrations, while happiness, optimism and Love raises them.

What life are you choosing?

Grand architectural models are shown for all with eyes to see.

Architectures of systems of Control that have been used to enslave us and are now quite evident to all except those who refuse to see.  As they are exposed, their end accelerates. 

Need I list them?  Okay, then, for those just awakening (skip if you already know): 

Big Pharma, GMO phude, and chemtrail poisonings; dumb down and brainwashing via ownership of “news” media, unwholesome, low quality and addictive entertainment, non-participatory, non-local sports, encouragement of herd mentality in media, including social media, takeover of education, to prevent education;  enslavement by false governments run by enslavers, false political parties all run by the Cabal; enslavement by banksters, all things financial, taxes, IRS, controlled stock markets; tracking and registering names, DNA, finger prints, facial structure; religious control making us bow down to any being, forgetting that we are fractals of the Source; all limiting belief systems, even, ex., “You have to work hard to gain what you want in life.”

There’s more, but I’ll stop there, as the negative vibes begin to affect me.


The grand architectures of New Earth are beginning to be seen by visionaries.  True Freedom.  Beneficial inventions allowed to be realized.  Banking and monetary systems will fade as we learn how to live according to universal value exchange.  Education for the BENEFIT of mankind.  Freedom to pursue our own interests, to create what we desire, unencumbered by enslaving jobs and careers. 

New Earth architectures will be beyond and better than anything I can now imagine.


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