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Why I AM Still a Lightworker

Total Lunar Eclipse.  Las Vegas.  April 4.  By Tyler Leavitt

Total Lunar Eclipse. Las Vegas. April 4. By Tyler Leavitt

As I began writing this yesterday, what a great weekend it had already started to be, with Transformational energies building toward climax with the lunar eclipse Red Moon—another burst of evolutionary impetus.  At the end of this piece are a video of Tarot Tilly’s Weekend Focus reading, which is spot on with these energies and a Transformation pep talk by the Leo King, David Palmer.


There’s a post out there that I read awhile back, called “Why I Am No Longer a Lightworker”.  There’s another that says to stop doing all the spiritual practices and throw away all the books.  I’ll give you my take on the issues.

Healing Hands EnergyThere is no reason to throw out all spirituality, simply because you or someone else either has encountered spiritual problems by not using proper protection, or because in the New Earth vibrations, your ways are no longer effective.

As for protection, though much of the negativity and dark entities have been removed,  I would still practice it until I felt sure.  My main protection has been that I don’t feel a need for protection.  That works very powerfully.  If you have any fear, you can create what you fear, so if you need protective acts to let go of fear, use them.  If you do draw to you negativity, though, it’s not Light work that brought them.  Light vanishes darkness; that’s why we use it.

I do admit that Dr. Gregory Antyuhin advised us, long ago, to throw out all our spiritual books and get it first hand, which maybe most of his students didn’t do.  He was, after all, teaching things that he might have put in a book, some of which he did!  He’s right, though, about doing the work and obtaining the knowledge and wisdom ourselves.  His practices have kept evolving since the Transformational energies started breaking through more strongly in year 2000.  In fact, he’s giving a class in Boca Raton and via Skype a week from today on

Creating new energy structure – Chakra of Earth and Chakra of SUN – in our personal space. Transition to our NEW Spiritual Organization.





A New Way of Healing

That’s just to point out that he’s including work with our NEW energy structure and NEW approaches to healing.  Kryon has said that in the new energies, for many healers and Lightworkers, their old ways no longer work.  Instead of quitting, they only need to come up with new ways.


Soon, the spiritual practices I discuss here will no longer be necessary as, like Jesus demonstrated, we bring our divine Higher Selves directly through our physical vehicles, eliminating the need for their use.  For now, I make the case for them and encourage dropping fear of them.Channeling Self

Meditation, divination, and channeling, by which information in “holy books” was obtained by the writers or by which it was gained by actors in those “good books” has come to be taboo by Bible updates and modern Christianity.  Do not counter by saying that the Bible was divinely inspired, as what state of consciousness or practice do you suppose brought the divine inspiration?  Those taboos are only fear mongering.  New Agers’ fears, I’ve addressed above.

Seated Med1It is said that prayer is expression of appreciation, desires and requests, while meditation is listening for the answer.  Therefore, many religionists who oppose meditation are unknowingly meditating.  Sitting alone on the front porch rocker is a form of meditation.

Channeling is making connection with another entity, one not in body or simply on the other side of the globe, and either relaying what they have to say, or allowing them to say it through the channeler.  In the latter case, the channeler grants access of the brain and body so that the channeled entity may speak directly.  I’m not talking about ungranted possession by an entity, of someone else’s body, which prayer and other spiritual practices of protection can avoid.  Bashar through Daryl Anka and Kryon through Lee Carroll are terrific examples of loving duos giving high quality teaching.  Channeling will no longer be needed when we can access our Higher Selves at will.  We’ll be everyday super intelligences.

During my very first tarot reading, I was advised to learn tarot just to put people at ease with my knowing information about them.  The reader used tarot as a “permission slip”, and suggested I do, too.  A couple of years later, I took a one evening class with a shaman from the Dakotas.  During the class, I realized that I got better results without the cards or runes than with them.  When he invited us to pull three cards to bring in three facts about himself, I did so, and could not relate to the cards, at all.  Then I just wrote down three things I “felt” to be true about him.  I was right about all three.  Those “feelings” are intuitive.

DivinationThat’s one way intuition works, or you may envision a symbol or scene that you have to interpret.  Once, looking into our future, I saw the ground all black, dried and breaking, and a big red spike shooting up from the ground.  At the time, I didn’t know how to interpret that.  Gregory asked on what side the spike was.  It was on the right.  He pointed out that (in his teaching) on the right at ground level are social energies.  The correct interpretation was social unrest.  Another time, looking at the Muslim situation, I saw pyramids representing the spiritual level of great cultures.  The Islamic pyramid shined extremely bright, much brighter than any other.  However, it was encrusted with mat black along the edges.  This showed me that the personal practices bringing Muslims to feel very close to God/Source makes them very Light, pure, while the negative element is eating at the culture.

Runes, tea leaves and many other ways of divining also give permission for the reader to access the intuitive level of mind and for the person getting the reading to accept and be comfortable with the reading.  Again, these will all go away, eventually.  For now, always use your intuition in choosing and judging a reader.

Sometimes psychics are getting information from an entity that is not very high, not very wise or knowing, or not very honest.  And yes, there are quacks.  Use discernment.

As for astrology, which I’ve promoted recently, intuition is an element in those readings, as well.  It’s a little too complicated to explain in this post, but it is also is a “permission slip”.  I hadn’t believed that until a friend pointed out that Bashar said it, prompting me to dig deeper and rethink, to see whether I believe that or not.  It turns out that I do agree with Bashar, at least on the personal level, but I don’t throw out astrology.  My study has shown me a new level of convolution of the universe.  [Stay posted on that score.]

Bashar on Astrology

Tarot Tilly’s Weekend Focus

The Leo King: Last Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra Pep Talk

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