New Earth

What’s It Going to Be Like As the Matrix Collapses?

"I'm trying to free your mind, but I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it."

“I’m trying to free your mind, but I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.”

We know that the Resistance Alliance of Earthlings and extraterrestrials have made big strides in ridding us of the Cabal who almost reached total control of our planet.  The Event of arrests of Banksters,  et al, and the dissemination of money to all people could happen as soon as today.  All debt would be forgiven.  No more IRS.  No more poor.

It will be a societal free for all!

When we first hear about the arrests, I figure there will be a certain amount of fear, as people don’t understand what’s happening.  For some, any kind of change has always brought fear.  As it sinks in, especially if funding happens very much later than the arrests, I think it possible that contained anger for what society has done to them may burst out violently in poorer communities.  Then, as the good news is told by the real journalists who will replace the talking heads on TV news, people will begin to calm down.

As funds arrive and debts are forgiven, people will realize that more choices have opened to them.  Imagine that you hate your job, you’re tired and stressed, barely able to cling to some level of hope or responsibility in order to keep on keeping on, while neglecting those you love to work long hours.  Then, suddenly the Event goes down and you have some money.  Will you go to work the next day?  I wouldn’t!  Or I might, just to go tell my boss to, “Take This Job and Shove It!”  Instead of, “My wife just left and took all the reasons I been working for,” it will be, “I don’t have to go to work no more.”

A calm settles in.  People will talk amongst themselves, more relaxed, since the stressful burden has been lifted.  Many, so used to hustling, will find another job, right away.  Others will take the opportunity to reconsider their priorities and desires.  That’s what I want people to do:  find their highest delight.  That may mean de-stressing for a long, long time.  Just living.  Or it may mean looking for the right time and way to take the gift as seed money to realize their dream.

I wonder what plans have been laid for larger corporations.  I hope they are all dissolved, but I haven’t yet thought through how that will go from order to chaos and back to order.  The workers will have funds, while the goods or services may still be needed.  A better way to provide must be discovered.  I imagine that smaller businesses and public utilities will continue to operate, out of obligation to community and customers.  The local bike shop will want to stay open, while parts supply may be a problem.  Shortages will become opportunities for skilled, inventive and motivated people.

Oh, think of the ramifications of scientific and engineering freedom, when scientists are no longer shut up by coercion or murder!

What about ET disclosure, which will soon follow?  This will be frightening to some people, but the History channel and other revealing outlets have warmed enough up to the idea, that I think the non-fearing people will quiet fears of their friends and neighbors.  We know that our history will begin to be told.

We’re a dumbed down, controlled planet.  We have many atheists and people controlled by formal religions.  That’s not true of the planets who are members of the Galactic Federation.  Oh, yes, there is a federation of cooperating, benificently minded peoples in the galaxy.  We are destined to become a part of it.  Many will fear it at first, fear more controllers, but as more is revealed, we’ll be thrilled by it.

Let’s not forget to consider the impact of personal spiritual awakenings.  Virtually EVERYONE who is a part of the Resistance is spiritually minded.  The Galactic Federation will chime in with Earth’s wayshowers and teachers in giving a new understanding of spirituality.  While it won’t be a born again type spiritual transformation, it will lighten both religionists and atheists to a new level of tolerance and love.

The elimination of divisive brainwash forces and the new awakenings will also bring global brotherly love.  That will eventually extend to universal love.

Hope and Change ~ Confidence and Responsibility

Hope?  What a hoax!  All those big changes will gradually alleviate the need for hope, which is a hollow clinging of desperation.  Understanding who we are, we will all develop self-confidence and self-responsibility.  Take no action out of duty, but only out of love.  Don’t think that means irresponsibility.  It means no resentment, no coercion, no false love.  Loving allowance of individuals to be themselves.  We’ll take responsibility for our community, as we love our neighbors.

Every one of us fractals of the Source has a sparkle that will be revealed.  With the completely new situation in which we’ll find ourselves, we’ll hack our OWN paths, and feel the happiness of shining out our lights.  We unique individuals, acting true to ourselves and beholding nor conforming to no man, nor to society, will lovingly and happily create everything the world needs.  That is

Order Out of Chaos

Order will no longer mean conformity, but quite the opposite.  Order by knowing we are all equally divine.  We’ll find new delight in recognizing each other as such.  That’s the true meaning of namaste.

Society as We Know It, a Means of Control, Will Disappear

I realize that to a large degree, my analysis has treated people as the way they typically think and behave now.  A big factor will be the that people will have changed.  They physically won’t be able to tolerate the negativity of our current situation.  That’s the main reason why a lot of us have stopped watching TV.  It literally shakes us in an unpleasant way.  People will disengage from negativity.  They will reject any attempt at control.  The Matrix will simply collapse because we who held it up will drop it.

We’ll be done with the B.S.

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