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Carla Rueckert, Clear Channel for the Ra Material, Has Left Us

AngelI received an email from Wynn Free that Carla Rueckert, the amazing channeler of the Ra Material has gone to higher realms.  I met her through her work and on Wynn Free’s conference calls.  She had been described as the clearest channeler of the modern world, to this day.  I can only describe her as very sweet and overflowing with Love.

Carla’s work with Don Elkins and Jim McCarty introduced information from Ra, a group of extremely evolved humans, the same as were confused as gods in ancient Egypt.  The knowledge received as answers to questions asked by Don Elkins, a physicist, is such that had not been known in our modern times.  The energy of Ra is so powerful, pure, and of high vibration that other channels could not bring it through.  Carla’s body suffered tremendously from bringing those energies in while performing this great service for the world.

Blessings and thank you, sweet Carla.

From Wynn’s email:

Carla Rueckert

A Final Farewell to Our Beloved Carla Rueckert

Carla is the channel of the Ra Material (with Don Elkins and Jim McCarty) from the period from 1981-1983. The Ra Material is a body of work that broke down the doors of how the higher realms/ the Ra Group interfaces with our realm with information and understandings that have never been revealed in this realm prior. Although Carla’s books have been officially printed and published, Carla had the policy of putting the PDF’s up on her website for free download. Please read her material. It will expand your view of how the universe works!

Carla and I did a series of workshops – The Law of One Made Simple -based on Book One of the Ra Material available here.

Carla…we bless you…. we love you…. and we release you to the angels…. Wynn and Terry.

Carla’s Web Sites:

You’ll find The Ra Material and Carla’s other books on Amazon.   The Ra Material is available as free PDFs on the L/L Research site.

Wynn and Terry’s Web Site:


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    • No, it is “higher” than a level of hell. You’ll find more Light, less negativity as densities and dimensions go up in number. Have you read my post on densities and dimensions? There is some confusion in the way people speak, so we always have to get on the same page.


      • I meant of course the lower regions of the 5th density, where the 5th density STS beings dwell, and where the 4th density STS beings will end up.


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