Heard of The Black Hills?


We hope the perps will be arrested before this happens! Prayers would help.



the biology of belief

The government is intending to despoil the Black Hills with oil pipelines. Native Americans are actively preparing the documents and doing the ground work necessary to regain management of the land that was illegally taken away; they want to become the real caretakers (gardeners) of this beautiful piece of Earth’s Garden. Their mission is not only for the benefits of the Tribes, it is their intention is to preserve the environment for all Americans to share. We are all a part of this mission.

Please take one moment to help support the Paha Sapa Unity Alliance. What you donate will be doubled!! aka matching funds!

Click here:!form/c16d3

This fund drive supports the work that needs to be done for this mission of peace and unity through the Paha Sapa Unity Alliance in their efforts to protect and stand up for the Black Hills, and especially to reach a total…

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