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I just reblogged this:  benjamin fulford 2-7-15 1 breaking news from my russian sourcesIt immediately was emailed to me, but so far doesn’t appear on my blog.  I later reblogged something else, and it does appear.  Reblogging on WordPress seems to be deteriorating, step by step, much like YouTube and even high tech devices (except for Microsoft who never had any way to go but up), due to the world-wide lessening quality of software engineering.

Say NO to Weapons of Mass Deception

Weapons of Mass Deception

I’ve decided to get out of the business of passing on news of activities leading up to the real world Event, by adding “News and Information” (N&I) over on the right of my blog.  I have more to add there.  I expect the number of “good news” reports to increase greatly from now until that Event happens.  Though I will likely make comments regarding such events, from time to time, I’m most interested in The Event that will be multidimensional, involving more direct Universal energies.

I also have links to alternatives for real news not involving New Earth—politics, etc.

We Are AwakeI will still pass on news of energies and spiritual articles that are not more esoteric than I think my readers want to hear.  Remember, I’m not targeting other Lightworkers, Wayshowers, or Gatekeepers.  Though I do get into some topics that may be new to you, some of you may leave me as you bring more and more of your Higher Self into your daily operation.  That expansion of consciousness is the major point of New Earth.  As you leave, others will discover and find value in the New Earth Blog.

Below N&I, I’ve added “Recent Posts” by some informative sites that are not necessarily reblogged by those in N&I.  Check occasionally to see how those sections evolve.  I just had the thought that Coast to Coast AM needs to be on here somewhere—maybe a Radio list.

Now I can stick to mainly writing about New Earth changes, changing attitudes, consciousness, our changing bodies, being creators.  That way, not having to keep a look out for the latest Event news, I’ll stay in the Vortex of Creation, that zone of positivity that makes us creative. 

If you have any comments on this blog, as a whole, especially what you do or don’t like, please write to me at 5dlovingu@gmail.com.

I include Russia Today for world news.  A sample of why:

Video Link

Trust Me I'm Lying

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