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Grasp Your Health and Dance With It

I’ve been working with my DNA, which I’ll tell you something about later. Still, I had a little setback today in recovery from my recent illness that everybody’s got. Did I over do? The ceiling trap door fell open and I breathed in the dust. Was it that? I don’t know, but there are no accidents, either. I’m going to keep working with my DNA. Meanwhile, I’m sorry I didn’t finish my writing.

Here Kathy Ann lays out a good program for health by changing attitudes about our health.

Loving Life

who can stop me

Not feeling well today or have you been feeling unhealthy for quite some time now?  If you answered yes to this question, it is understandable.  We have been brainwashed for so many years by public health programs and commercial statements through various media.  Specific symptoms of various diseases are mentioned and we are told to examine the body with those symptoms in mind.  This includes statements about diseases for which an individual has no symptoms but is cautioned that these disastrous physical events may be happening despite the individual’s feelings of good health.  This is how religious, scientific and cultural beliefs create fear and how the blueprints of diseases, in which a person finds a specific focus, believes it (at any level of consciousness) and states, “Oh of course, I feel tired, anxious, and hurt all over since I have such and such disease.”  The breast cancer suggestions associated with…

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