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Happy 2015! ~ The Year of Majik

I'm Getting This!I was feeling good, rested, and relaxed.  I sat down to write the post on working with DNA and how Quantum Healing works. Then I knocked my coffee cup over, spilling coffee into the keyboard!  😩  Oh, Lordy!!  I hope it dries out and works tomorrow. 😥  I didn’t bring my little Mac, nor the iPad on this trip to AL. Writing on the phone gives me a cramped feeling and I can’t think.

I don’t know why this happened when I thought my energy was in pretty good harmony. You know, I was working with spirit on my health, my DNA, etc.

About this time in January of 2013 I went through a period of being accident prone like this.  It preceded a year of shedding issues, letting go of attachments and emotions.  It was the first year of 5th Dimensional New Earth.

2014, year 2, was a year of learning to be true to myself by following my heart’s desire.   I learned QHHT, changed career, and created the New Earth Blog.  2014 was the year of revelation of lies and corruption of governments and systems, and the evident beginning of the crumbling of the foundations of systems like governmental, business, financial, medical, insurance, educational, religious, food production and transport, and controlled media systems–all Illuminati operations.  Failing, while their talking heads tell those who still listen, that everything is looking up.

Bill Ballard says 2015 is the “Year of Majik”.  In 5D, manifestation is easier than ever before in our lives.  I know it will be my personal Year of Majik, as I get settled in Melbourne, Florida, build my practice and expand my writing.

This Year of Magik, year 3, will manifest many new ideas and inventions, as more people wake up to their independence, and follow their hearts’ desires.

Here’s Bill:

Video Link

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