Quantum Healing

The Biology of Belief

This week I want to give my updated understanding of why quantum healing is possible, of the mechanism that does it.  First I want to catch you up, in layman’s terms, on what scientists know about the impact of our DNA on us, and likewise, our mental and emotional impact to our DNA.  The follow-up to this will be a post on some astounding new information from a spiritual source—something that scientists don’t yet know, how it allows for quantum healing, and how we can work with it to heal ourselves.

Candace Pert, Ph.D. on Miraculous Healings

Former Chief of the Section on Brain Biochemistry, Clinical Neuroscience Branch of NIH.  Specialist in peptides, their receptors and the immune system.  Author of Molecules of Emotion and over 250 scientific articles, she holds patents for modified peptides in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and head trauma.

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As Dr. Pert was talking about not allowing ourselves to see what is unfamiliar or not what we want to believe, I thought of how my left side of my brain, the rational part, has done such a great job of eliminating intuitive knowledge.  Even today, after going back to engineering for awhile, I need to find some people to practice with, to get back to seeing into people’s bodies and reading everything about a person.  I do still let in a lot of intuitive information, but not what I’m capable of, and you are, too.

Then she spoke of stem cells.  At the end of 2013, my feet began to swell, then my legs.  Dr. Gregory said my veins were shot.  He said my body wasn’t producing the stem cells to correct it, either, and he knew special herbs for that purpose.  I got religious about making the teas he recommended and applying the Vein Support Oil, and haven’t had swelling for awhile now.  I need to “see” him again and not drop the ball, as I usually do.  If only I’d always used the various oils years ago, when he first said to.  Spirit helped him come up with the recipes for the oils.  I have much gratitude.

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I disagree with Dr. Pert that cancer is only about pollution of the body.  Anger is often a huge factor.  Still, it’s great that scientists are beginning to claw out of their box of academic ignorance.

Dr. Bruce Lipton on the Biology of Belief

Dr. Bruce Lipton was a cellular biologist.  He realized that it’s not simply DNA that controls the body, but our sensory input and beliefs that control the proteins that attach to the DNA.   Search YouTube to find many more lectures by Dr. Bruce Lipton, who is now a full fledged awakened New Ager and has learned how we can use his scientific knowledge in our everyday lives.

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On the ScienceBiology of Belief

Molecules of Emotion

On the Psycho-Spiritual Causes of Disease

These are excellent books by Julia Cannon and Louise Hay on the psycho-spiritual causes of disease.  I’ve attended Dr. Gregory’s Level 9 lectures where he covers the topic very thoroughly.  I’d like to threaten him that if he doesn’t turn it into a book, I’ll inspire a campaign of snail mail letter writing to him to ask that he do so!

soul speak

Heal Your Body

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  2. LOVE Dr. Pert, LOVE Dr. Lipton, LOVE Louise Hay & Julia Cannon, LOVE this article!!
    Thank you for compiling such an excellent panel of experts!!!
    And thank you, Candace, for bringing this great blog article to YOUR readers. :):)

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