New Earth

In 2015, Step Up to the Plate

I’m flying to Huntsville, AL tomorrow!

I’ll return to Melbourne on February 1.  I have home watchers and white pyramids of Light as protection, so I feel free to let potential QHHT clients know when and where I’m available.

Original Flu Shot

For lungs: astragalus, goldenseal and reishi mushrooms. Elecampane is the big gun for lung or sinus infections. Plus colloidal silver.

I’m feeling better.  My lungs are in repair mode.  So many healers are sick now. I don’t know what that’s about.  For me, it is an impetus to love myself and my body more, to fine tune my daily practices.  I’m including some knowledge I’ve gathered recently about our DNA.

I feel able to gather my thoughts to write, today.   In case the energy doesn’t cover it, I’m passing on the work of another wayshower whom I just met online:  Jay D. Allen.  This is a fun state of the Earth-human address for 2015.  Jay gets it, this Transformation.  It’s about us—our individual Transformations.  The best thing any of us can do for the world, for others, is to “step up to the plate”, live and love as our true spiritual selves.

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