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Happy New Year with News from The Event Chronicle

Happy New Year, Dear Readers!

I’ve been under the weather since Christmas.  Thank goodness my fellow writers have been working.  I had meant to share this Cobra interview link by The Event Chronicle the other day, with some notes on contents.  Well, here it is without the notes and comments.  If you listen to the whole thing, I think you’ll find much very interesting information, like:  What’s Lucifer up to these days?  That’ll give you something to thing about, in light of what I’ve already said about the game of integration of dark and Light.

Following Benjamin Fulford, which The Event Chronicle does too, his latest contains many links to articles showing the crumbling of the Cabal.  Here’s the full article.  Plus the video of the chemtrail pilot and Benjamin’s comments on it.  Actually there are many interesting articles in The Event Chronicle, a lot of real world events I don’t always want to get into, so check it out, in case you might.

I think I’ll be able to put out my New Year 2015 thoughts tomorrow.    😉

cobra-2012Cobra Interview: December Monthly Update

The December Monthly Update has arrived with Cobra and Rob Potter!

Head on over to The Promise Revealed to listen to the audio of the interview.

For our international readers, and those who prefer to read rather than listen, I’ll post the transcript as soon as it becomes available.



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