Quantum Healing

A Conversation with God

One with Great Spirit~ QHHT Session with Alba Weinman & Noam Ben-Arie Conversation with God (Spanish sub-titles) ~

A video of a QHHT session where both the hypnotist and the one hypnotized are QHHT practitioners.

This is a great session.  The Subconscious / Highest Self explains who we are.  It becomes clear what Jesus taught about who he was.  He never set himself up as a god that is beyond us, but rather we are just like him, an experience of God / the Source.  In the New Earth, we remember who we are, maybe all of a sudden, maybe gradually, but we will know who we are.

I really can’t add more to what is said in the session.  If it is new to you, you may want to sit quietly and meditate on this idea.

Video Link

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