New Earth

Winter Solstice ~ Wayshower Exit Begins

Happy Winter Solstice 2014!

Sun Halo at Winter SolstaceDecember has so far been a month of energies entering the planet to sweep away old negativity in social, financial, government and personal configurations.  We are beginning to feel and see the benefits of their effects.  Do you feel more calm, if not quite settled?  The negative thoughts that were not your own seem to be gone or lessening?  Less negative emotions?  Still, an unsettled feeling?  Do you feel a willingness to let things be, not have to figure out how to make things happen, but to let them happen in unforeseen ways and time?  Those are all good signs that if you don’t notice now, you will.

The other day, in QHHT Christmas Story ~ Made Up?, I spoke of Jesus Christ’s anchoring of Christ energy to the planet.  That is, into the energetic gridwork, or ley lines, of Earth.  [BTW, Candace has added a comment to that post.  Check it out.]  You see, energies are usually organized.  For example, we and Earth all have chakras / wheels / vortices of energy that organize our energy and keep it moving.  Here, mentions the gridwork and the Christ energy, or Light:

As potentials arise for you in the dawn of 2015, it is to actualize Light Body Templates and Light cities. It is to actualize the Christed Light into the Collective grid and it is the change into the New Dimensional way of BEing and the experience of MultiDimensional realities.  ~


Family Christmas plans interrupted my writing at this point, twelve hours ago.  I’m too tired to think now.  I don’t expect insomnia tonight.

I will close by saying that I heard from two sources, for which I will later find the references, that what is now yesterday, December 21, 2014 would see the first group of Wayshowers leave Earth, having finished their tasks.  They were to be taken aboard Pleiadian ships and replaced by walk-ins (a replacement soul enters the body, as one soul leaves it).  Wayshowers will continue leaving in groups during 2015, except those who, like myself, will stay until we’ve assisted everyone fully into 5D consciousness.  This is a sure sign of the end of the Matrix.

1495261_589170707842270_893633146_oNote that this going to spaceships is not to be done by those of us who are not in conscious knowing that it is our time to leave this planet.  We will be staying.  The Cabal is still fighting, but have no chance of winning their war of rebellion against orders of the Prime Creator to end the game of darkness against Light on Earth.  Stay in the Light.

More great news about 2015 over the next couple of weeks.

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