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I’ve added my comments in brackets:

Selectivities of Energetics at Gaia hu-man level has refined to enable those who have… resisted alternative pathways

by ÉirePort

Selectivities of Energetics at Gaia hu-man level has refined to enable those who have until this moment resisted alternative pathways.

[If “alternative” means the more positive path, sounds like regular people are getting energies to help them switch.]

All remaining un-cooperatives are being removed by the Light.

[“un-cooperatives”.  Sheldan Drake spoke of dark ones who refused to agree to end the game of dark and Light and take the Light path.  Seems like “removed” means they won’t be on Earth anymore.]

Eruptive planetary energetics come to fruition shortly, and catalyze “massive” changes.

[Massive changes on Earth “shortly”.]

Hue-Beings are called at this moment to recognize and received Higher capabilties and skill sets.

[Not sure at what point someone is called a Hue-Being (God Being, Light Being), but higher 5D abilities are available to them now.]

Alternatives to the concepts within this message are not supported.

[Any ideas that darkness can stay or people can remain on the darker, negative side–just forget it, cause all that is being quickly wiped off the planet.]

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  1. So amazing Rosalie…I posted this comment in December 2014….and you just saw it…I have enjoyed your sharings for a long while now…May your blessings be many this day

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