New Earth

NNNnnnno! ~ By Rosalie Parker

I have to send a message to someone. :-/

Gladius Poeticus

Rosalie Parker

They just get on FB

And go right to sending me a message.

Don’t even usually become a friend first.


“Hi, pretty!”

“Blah blah.. I just have to hear from you tonight.”

Or they put up a pic of themselves

As a white boy with blue eyes

And then call me Rosa.


That doesn’t work.

Or they make a mistake in describing the work they purport to do.


They use the wrong language for a natural born American

Or for an educated person, or for….

Sometimes they join a couple of religious groups first.


Rosalie Parker ~ Wayshower for the New Earth

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  1. Dear Rosalie I understand where your coming from as I get that all the time and I don’t answer those that I get those sort of comments from or those that send me pictures of their manhood.  But I hate those scammers that all have the same story and then they are suddenly in love with you even though you haven’t even spoken to them.  Then there are those that go on my timeline and befriend as many of my FB friends.Now my tolerance is very low and I just jump of FB or just completely ignore them.  I get so many notices and comment that I cant even find the time to read them as I am to busy sharing posts from sites like yours as I feel that people should know what is actually going on.I love your Blogs and will be your fan for life. Anna

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    • See, Anna gets where I’m coming from. Ugh! So I was just blowing off exasperation. Kenneth put my sentences into the form of a poem and posted it. Now I always say that I’m busy writing and give my blog link. They NEVER comment on it.


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