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More on Agartha and the Cities of Light

sedonacitylightSome readers have asked for further information, as a follow-up from the recent post about the Cities of Light and the merge of Agartha—really not underground, but in another dimension—with our dimension. I don’t like to flood you with videos, but this is a special case of immanent changes that people want to understand.

I’ve added a Featured section to my YouTube channel front page [click on YouTube on the main menu, or just click here].  The first playlist I’ve added is on Agartha.  At the time I created it, I wasn’t that interested, so I just threw several videos into a playlist as I came across them, and haven’t listened to them all.  Hopefully there aren’t any crazy ones in there.  Imagine my saying that!

Portal of LightI have also started a playlist on Sacred Cities of Light, just now.  I’ve added a video from this past summer, of a lecture by Dr Jeri Castronov.  I hope you’ll watch it, as she describes the Golden Age, New Earth, Divine Feminine.  She speaks of some of the types of work people are doing for New Earth, and existing technologies to push us forward.  You may gain an expanded perspective of New Earth.

Also in the Sacred Cities of Light playlist is Anrita Melchizedek with “Elders December Transmission ~ Activation and Actualization of the 33 Stargate Portals of Light”.  The Elders are ancient celestial Beings and High Council members of the Order of Melchizedek.  This may be a little too woo woo for some of my readers.  If you’re game, just sit or lie in a relaxed way, and follow what she says.  Working with Light in your body is mixed with much wisdom guidance for New Earth.  Now, if this type of work scares you, just pass it by, or surround yourself inside a white pyramid of sparkling light, before you begin.  I need to talk again soon on fear and limiting beliefs.  Every one of us needs to work on that—we abused children of Earth.  If you do listen to that video, you will work on some of that.

I also found a playlist on Admiral Byrd.  If you listened to the one in the previous post, don’t you admire him?  I haven’t listened to all these either.

Playlist Link

city-of-light-sedona BookThere’s so much to talk about so much happening now.  I see why a messenger told me to write every day.  My problem is insomnia.  After no sleep last night, I’m going to go lie down and listen to the Elders’ transmission video.  I hope you’re coping well with all the physical and emotional changes of this Transformation.  What a great time to be alive!

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