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Julia Cannon Is Prepared to Take the Reins

Julia Cannon Evidently, Dolores has planned that daughter, Julia, take over the business, now that Dolores has taken her higher position in the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy world-wide effort.  A couple of times, as I was thinking about that, I got that electrical feeling that I’ve been getting since Dolores passed, every time she’s put her attention on me.  I got it very strongly when I thought that I should put today’s video on the blog.

Dolores-with-daughter-Julia-at-UKFrom clients, which is where Dolores got all the knowledge she wrote about, and in some of our meditative work, we are told that Dolores is now an ascended master, meaning she will no longer need to incarnate here.  She has joined all the great spirits who guided her long career—her healing method, writing, teaching and lecturing.  As her readers know, we don’t die, and being very much alive now, she is with each QHHT practitioner in every session we give.  “They” say that the QHHT effort will be very important in helping people heal and reorient themselves in the New Earth.  Julia Cannon will never be alone in taking the reins from Dolores.

Here is a great little interview of Julia, where you can learn more about her:

Video Link

soul speakHere’s a longer interview with both Julia and Dolores taking part.  You can see that Julia is fully prepared, as a healer and a business woman.  Of course, this is not to overlook the fact that several members of the family have participated in the business, in what capacities, I don’t know, but Julia is in the public eye.  She’s a younger generation, with a more modern point of view.  It will be interesting to see what that will mean to QHHT.

Video 2

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  1. Julia. For 51 years my mother has been verbally abuse by her husband. It’s a everyday thing. She is 81 now. He keeps her confined to her room. She can’t even by her self anything. He says cruel things to her on a daily basis. Please will you try some healing for my Mother? Much love Sonya.


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