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A Note to Fearful Religious Friends

God Has No ReligionIt’s time that I write about this sore topic of formal, organized religions, to prepare you who were taught to fear, not to shy from the help offered us by higher Light beings, and to help those of you whose (perhaps unknown by you) mission it is, to do the esoteric work to help the people and all beings of Earth, during this period of Transformation.

I’m not one who totally looks down on religion, because I know that many people find and maintain their Light through their religion.  They use it and associated writings and practices as a tool to connect with God, the Source, to purify and fortify themselves, and to help others.  Nothing could be more noble, more helpful to the planet.   When fear enters, though, it hurts the whole planet.

Your State of Mind CreatesI don’t say that negative entities don’t exist, but irrational fear of Satan, devils, demons and other dark beings is detrimental.  It is itself of darkness—negative energy than can actually draw negative entities to a person.  Religious fears can cause fear of being spiritual, of meditation and even spiritual hypnosis, like QHHT, and other healing modalities.  Fear of channeling and channeled messages is totally irrational, since the source of much material in the “holy books” was channeled information.

Some religious people who don’t think they are fearful, look down the nose at others, judging them with a holier than thou attitude.  Hypocrisy is born of self judgment and fear of being less than you feel you should be.  Sit quietly, taking a look at yourself and your behavior, nonjudgmentally.  Better yet, do it in real time, throughout the day.  That is, observing yourself nonjudgmentally that I’ve talked about.  That practice will cause you to love yourself more, and in so doing, to love others.

Religions Are Multidimensional

Every religion is multidimensional.  There are the physical meeting places and paraphernalia, the social aspects, the mental and spiritual.  In the spiritual realms, every great religion has a space that is a base from which great spirits of Light work through the religion, to bring more Light into it and its people, to give Love, guidance and protection to its members, to make the planet more Light.  There are dimensions of the planet more dense and dark than this physical realm, where exist dark aspects of religion.  There reside lower entities that religionists fear.

No DifferenceYour fear creates channels of dark energy between you and those dark realms.  While the high spiritual spaces to which you are connected feed you Light energy and are a source of protection, your personal energetic connection to dark realms via your religious negativity fade your light.  The dark connections can overwhelm, darken and dwindle your channels to higher beings.  So learn to break connection to dark realms by eliminating fear.

Rely on your connection to high beings to help you disconnect.  Ask for help and support.  You can practice using Light.  Again, I recommend placing a pyramid of white Light around yourself, if you feel fearful.  Such practices will help you get over the HABIT of fearfulness.  You may want to use the shamanic method of, in a prayerful, relaxed state, visualizing and cutting those channels to darkness.  When you observe fearful thoughts, remember that thought forms are entities.  Tell them you don’t want them anymore and send them to the Light (God), who will know what to do with them.

Contamination and Dark Use of Religion

Now I’m going to give you a pill that may yet be difficult to swallow.  I hope you can feel open to hearing it.  ALL the formal western religions—Judaism, Christianities, Islam and others—have been corrupted by the dark forces.  Religion is ripe for their use, as people, desiring closeness with God, give themselves over to it.  They may do so out of fear of being judged by God.  Dark forces can use that state of devotion and abdication of self responsibility to instigate hard feelings toward people outside the religious group.  They use it to create their wars.

God will never desire your fear and hatred.

  When I first took a “look” at the high spaces (zatomises) of religion, seeing them as pyramids, I saw that Islam was much brighter light than others, but it was encrusted with mat black around the edges.  That’s because the daily spiritual practices establish pure connection to God, while the murderous influences completely block that Light.  This is not in judgment of individual Muslims.  For all of us, it shows the importance and positive effects of spiritual practice, and how hardened hearts lead to total darkness.

In 5D You Must Feel and Act with Self Responsibility

Be PureLeaving Your Religion is Okay

Practice going within, using prayer and meditation.  Work directly with the Source, high beings and high forces to keep yourself Light and protected.  You don’t need a priest or a savior between you and God.  If you want to observe the positive practices of your religion, if attendance gives you a positive social life and spiritual atmosphere (assuming your church isn’t full of blaring rock music), and you can enjoy that as an independent aspect of God, then do so, clean of all negativity and control.  If you want to break from your religion, to increase your understanding and find your own beliefs, don’t feel guilty.  There is no high being who will judge you.  Certainly not the All.  5D spirituality is personal.Look Inside

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  1. “Fear of channeling and channeled messages is totally irrational, since the source of much material in the “holy books” was channeled information.” (How true!)

    I need to meditate and clear my chakras more often, and when feeling fearful and paranoid I need to remember to surround myself with LIGHT! To fill my body and aura with the HOLY LIGHT!

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