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I’ve found it impossible to finish a post the past few days. I had fatigue / insomnia, then headaches. I feel brain fatigue, which I’ve had before. Don’t know how much is due to the Oct. energies. So in my failure to post more on the energies, I’m reblogging Spirit Warrior’s post by Meline Lafont. She speaks about November energies and…

Spiritual Warrior Path

by Meline Lafont – October 26, 2014

I find the Eclipse energies to be about empowering the God/Goddess within, in order to step forth in creation with a deeper sense of Self.  These empowering energies are here to align you with a Higher form and expression of you so that you can execute your mission and duty as a Light conduit and Gatekeeper. These Eclipse energies are awakening the energies of creativity and expression, which will blossom more as we move into the month of November.  I get the sense that November will be about expressing those creative energies within us and to do something with this in the collective as well as in your own personal reality.  Stepping forth in self trust and with self empowerment through the energies of creativity and creation is thus the energy of the Month of November.  At least it is something I strongly…

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