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Stretching Time ~ We Can Do This

stretching timeTime Is Elastic

~ Relax and Focus on One Activity NOW ~

This baby step was suggested in my post, Time Is Elastic.  I’m optimistic that you and I can do this now!  We’re permeated and moving in new energies that facilitate what would have been “impossible” two years ago.  Some of the concepts introduced here on the New Earth Blog are easier now and have prepared us to elasticize our personal experience of time.

Observe Yourself, Nonjudgmentally

Just observe.  If you judge your actions, you are thinking on the level of the rational mind, which is no more the real you than your body is.  Be the Watcher.  Imagine you are floating around above your head, just observing.  Not analyzing.  That observer is your higher mind—a part of the real you.  Think of it as you.  Your body/personality/emotions/thinking mind complex is NOT you; metaphysically, it’s called your “vehicle”.  Like a wearable space suit for planet Earth.

Observing, you’ll notice thought themes and bad habits that tie you to the shared timeline.  As we get into other time manipulations, we’ll need to identify with our true selves, not the vehicle.

The Clock

clock watchingI’m having to train myself to stop checking the clock.  I’m not disciplined about a set bedtime, but I begin monitoring the clock, the whole time I’m staying up late, with thoughts telling me I’d better get to bed.  I play that tape.  I take note of how many hours I’ll get in.  Now that I realize the tape I play in my head, I will ignore it.  I’ll turn the clock face to the wall and have a long, productive night!

If you find yourself worrying, planning, thinking about time and all you have to do, just bring your focus back to the matter at hand.

Stop the Mental  Chatter

The Power of Thought Forms -

The Power of Thought Forms –

The energetic changes have made it easier to cut down on the constant head spin.  When your head is spinning, thoughts keep you tied to your current Multiverse path.  Your attention goes to the spinning facts, mulling over past, worrying about future, making it impossible to focus on now.

Remember, thought forms are live entities with their own historical lineage.  They don’t stem from you.  Tell the unhelpful ones you don’t need them and let them go.  Use creative energy work to make that happen.  You do that with intent and imagination. 

Tell the thought forms to go elsewhere.  Imagine putting them on a ship and watch them sail away.  Or picture them as a dwindling cloud, becoming smaller, etheric, distant.  You could use an energetic screen to rake them out of your energy field, the luminous egg that Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan talks about.  Then invent an energetic barrier of your choice, for example, a white light pyramid or energetic walls, or stationed spirit guardians between you and any unhelpful thought forms.  You can also take the stance of simply observing them, realizing that you don’t need to give them attention, nor react to them.  However you decide to handle those themes, do it and know that it’s done.  Then go back to your time stretching work.

Listen to My YouTube “Creating” Playlists

They’ll teach you how to bring what you want into your life.  They’re upbeat.  You’re going to find that what you imagine—is real.  You’re a creator, and that’s how creation works.  The caveat is:  Be careful what you imagine.  Stop imagining that there’s not enough time.  Instead, see yourself having more and more time to

Follow Your Highest Delight!

That’s another practice to elasticize time.  I know, we have to feed the kids and pay the bills.  We can start by realizing that today, we choose to do what we need to do to meet our obligations or to further goals.  Maybe you can see it as a tradeoff—you’re giving something to get something.  You may decide to restructure your future in a way that allows more self expression.

We are going to pay attention, always, to the matter at hand.  What is it you choose to do right now?  Forget everything else.  Choose to feel happy.  Get into the happy Vortex of Creation; then, focus on what you are doing NOW.

Time and Space Illusion Video

Time is Illusion – Video

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