The Alien Agendas

Giorgio_TsoukalosAs we go into 5D, we need to expand our consciousness to a galactic point of view.  That’s why I bring up aliens and ET, to introduce you to this reality.  Feel free to reject it, but I’d like you to just push it over to the corner as a possibility that has not been disproved.  One day you will find more evidence.  ET are here, as you will know without doubt, when you do the research.

Ancient HistoryJust as we in this particular universe are enacting a play of light and dark, so, I think, are the extraterrestrials who live on or in, or visit Earth.  Now, Dolores Cannon says that she’s never heard of any negative ET from all the sessions she’s had, where the client spoke of them.  Under hypnosis, ones undergoing abductions discover that they have agreed to it.  If you choose to follow up, Malevolent Alien Abduction Research (MAAR) website has many reports of abductions.  Whether malevolent or not—you decide—the site has descriptions of various races of ET and from where they come.

185245_3688375735760_16044112_nMany are definitely benevolent species who come to assist and encourage us in making it to 5D.  There are the Yahyel, Esassani, Andromedans, Pleiadians, Nordics, and more.  You’ll find playlists about ET on my YouTube front page.  Just click on YouTube on the menu and find the row “Things Are Changing”.  They aren’t very comprehensive, but it’s a start.  You may want to look up “Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure” to find videos and news articles on these important recent testimonies.

Here I present two short videos by Dolores Cannon, two from the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure and one on open contact of ET with us.

Dolores on Aliens

Dolores on Aliens 2

Video 1 – Richard Dolan, Citizen Hearing on Disclosure

Video 2 – Testimony by former Canadian Minister of Defense

Video 3The YahYel & Adronis Open Contact With Humanity

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