Creating Reality

When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

Big changes are typical now.

Know that you are in good company during this phase if big changes, planned or unplanned, are happening—health issues, losing friends and forming new, changing jobs, etc.  Remind yourself that it’s the Transformation.  You are meant to learn and improve.  You will get through this and end up better for it.  Soon, life on Earth will be much different, and you will be ready.  The best thing is to choose awareness of what’s happening in your life, and why.

Power comes only after we accept our fate without recriminations.  ~Carlos Castaneda

In this lifetime, I’ve been constantly switching Multiverse pebble paths and not always in control of on which new path I landed.

Other people start down one clear path in life, then life gives them a big turn.  They can feel fear, failure, and bewilderment.  Why did it or is it happening to them?  There can be many reasons.

Maybe their higher self or spiritual family wanted a change;  maybe it is a spiritual lesson desired by the soul; maybe lack of spiritual, social or financial energetic connections.  If it’s illness, it could be that their body needs more love and support on many levels.

A Fairly Straight PathWhatever our problems in life, we need to come to the place where we stop blaming events and the actions of other people.  I don’t mean not to ask for help, but do ask,

What about me allowed or caused this to happen?

How do I adjust or correct it and proceed? 

You can ask the questions during meditation and may be given answers then or in following days.  Even if you’ve left your formal religion, spiritual help is available.

Open to intuitive knowing.My Path

Follow a process of consciously choosing your new personal Universe, and whose universes overlap with yours.

It’s ongoing.  Yes, this process has been ongoing through all our incarnations.  Now, however, we are in this transformational period.  There is more urgency and more energies involved, pushing us forward.

Much help is available on many dimensions, from many sources.

Next post I’ll tell more about ET helpers ~ and why does this guy talk funny?

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