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Time Is Elastic

Did you know that in 5D we aren’t limited to the 3D shared timeline? 

Salvador-Dali- melting clocks

Salvador Dalí, The Persistence of Memory, 1931

Time exists as part of our experience, but it doesn’t restrict us like we’ve always thought it does.  We think time is passing and things are changing, but it’s only the focusing of our awareness that’s changing.  It’s like looking out the side window of a car, as you roll along past houses, trees, pastures.  You know the scenery is stationary, while you maintain focus as you pass; otherwise, you could just as well take it that you are stationary and the scenery is moving.

The only reason we can measure time is that we sync to some cyclic change in nature.  It used to be macro changes, like day and night,  planetary and star movement, seasons, and larger cycles of years.  We weren’t stressed out back then.  Now we sync to some nano-movement.  We sync to the clock all day long.  It isn’t natural.  It isn’t good for us.

In this higher vibration, our experience of time is beginning to change.  Just in the nick of time, so to speak, as time has literally sped up ’til we are going like the Energizer bunny.  The controllers have purposely contrived a world where we work as slaves and stay stressed out.  They have us living by the clock.  Internally, clock or no clock, we experience time as things happening, as change.

Most of us are aware of so many facts, concepts, happenings, that this knowledge crosses over into our ideal world with extreme frequency.  Therefore, our time, our experience of it, is accelerating.  To someone with no computer, no TV, who lives quietly in nature, the velocity of time is not increasing.  Their time really is slower than ours.

“Time is a crossing between the real and the ideal.”  ~ Dr. Gregory Antyuhin

Eternal clock by Robbert van der Steeg on Flickr

Eternal clock by Robbert van der Steeg

Thinking of our Multiverse pebbles again, remember that you form your personal universe by choosing your path through the pebbles.  You can make a curvy path.  You can leap to suddenly living a whole different life.  You can break away from everyone else to the degree you choose.  In 5D, we’ll learn to accept that we can get pretty wild with that and, at any time, get back on track with a shared timeline.  That’s called Time Jumping.  You can jump to a parallel timeline, and then jump back, if you like.

We may experience time slippage, where you find yourself suddenly a bit out of sync with the shared timeline, or you slip over to another timeline only briefly.  Like you may notice new landscaping, as you go inside your office.  You go back out 5 minutes later, and there is no sign of updated landscaping.  Yet, you know you saw it.  It was a time slip.

Time has always been elastic for us, as anyone who engrosses in a hobby or a good book knows.  We can stretch our time out, like a curve off the main shared timeline that loops back to the main.  You finish what you’ve been wrapped up in and then notice how much time has passed.  I used to have very severe migraines that would last 2-4 days.  When it was over, my concept of time passed felt off.  As a good slave, I got back in sync ASAP.

Time Stretching ~ A Baby Step

salvador-dali-melting-clock CappuccinoNow we’ll begin to sync to the clock less and less often, which will put the reins of time back into our own hands.  It’s going to happen naturally, eventually, but we can intentionally push forward in this process.  As we do that to help ourselves, we’ll cause it to happen for others, by demonstrating this change in reality.  As people believe in it, they will begin to experience it and allow themselves to remember what they experienced.

Start learning to control your personal time with a simple baby step that will stretch time for you.  When you feel like you have too much to do and not enough time, simply decide what you want to do first, and focus only on that.  Don’t worry about everything else.  Focus on, handle—DO—one thing at a time, knowing you have plenty of time.  When you finish, if you have no appointment, don’t sync with the clock.  Focus on your next task.

Choose your task.  Relax.  Focus on it.  Don’t sync with the clock.


I’ve had the idea that many of Dali’s paintings were prophetic of Transformation and New Earth.  Other people have other opinions.  He had said the clock paintings were inspired by watching Camembert cheese melting.

I usually write and then look for a video on the topic.  This time I had trouble finding a short appropriate video.  I didn’t find one I liked.  I started enjoying videos of interviews with Dali.  What a delightful person he was, with intelligence and humor.  And then I found that in this video he said that he wanted to express the personality of Dali to the fullest, and the cosmogony of Dali.  He mentions that his viewpoint of “soft” watches were, maybe twelve years after they were painted, completely understood by nuclear physicists.  They understood that he was saying that

Time is not rigid.

Dali Video Link

You’ll love the cigarette commercial!

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