Hidden History

Earth History ~ Good and Evil ~ Annunaki

An - Anu

An – Anu

Sleepers think that anyone who talks of the Illuminati or global cabal is an idiotic conspiracy theorist.  That’s because they’ve been dumbed down and brainwashed not to notice what’s going on.  All the cabal are doing is so intertwined and…well, global, that it’s understandable that those of self-limited mind can easily smirk it off—as they’ve been taught by their masters through mass media.  If they knew our Earth history, they’d pay more attention.

Goddess Ki

Goddess Ki

Even us awake ones need to and want to know more hidden history.  Yes, it’s been hidden from us.  We’ve been lied to.  So I want to bring up the subject of the HUGE story that has been bastardized, omitted, erased, obscured, covered up, and twisted.  To really understand our shared, agreed upon reality, we need to know about the Annunaki and War of Good and Evil.

Zecharia Sitchin’s books are a great start.  He deciphered the ancient Sumerian language in which much of our ancient history was written.  Yes, it is written history.  Since I’m spread thin with my day job, I’ll start with some videos.

First is a playlist of an interview with Mr. Sitchin, himself, in twelve parts.



The next two are videos 3 and 4 of Gerald Clark, on information he wrote in his book, The Annunnaki of Nibiru.  You may want to watch the early part of his presentation, too, where he talks a lot about body, energies, gravity, rolfing, healing, etc.

 Video 1

Video 2


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