A Day after Insomnia ~ Energy Work and Clearing

On That High Flying Disk

On That High Flying Disk

Last week the insomnia was awful.  It was hard to get through the week.  Dr. Gregory had said it is from my subconscious and Jelaila Starr / Nibiruan Council had said I needed deep emotional clearing.  Well, I’m signing up for a session with her.  I’m hoping for more clear communication with spirit, afterward, too.

I’m being candid to inform my readers what kind of problems we may have during this Shift, and what types of help is out there.  We on Earth have been through hell, however many lifetimes we’ve lived here.  This is an abusive place.  Many of us have past life issues, which is why QHHT, past life regression, or other types of deep clearing can be so helpful.  Even with QHHT, which can heal anything and everything, we may resist complete healing.  [Earlier brief post on scientific evidence of reincarnation.]  Sometimes, as layers are removed, remaining layers are exposed, and we can feel worse off.

Connecting the Energies

Connecting the Energies

Yesterday, I got ahold of myself and realized that, since what you resist persists, my best course is to go with the flow of insomnia.  I got up at 3 and stayed awake.  Knowing I need it, I did some shamanic energy meditation.  A long meditation to connect my body with my soul, my body’s animus, soul of the Earth, soul of the Sun and Light/God.  I asked my Guardian angels on the left, who are responsible for helping our bodies and emotions, to help my body and clear up some fear I’ve felt.  I asked my spiritual advisers to assistance on an issue, and my Guardian angels on the right for protection.  I looked at some other situations and worked with more connections.

I went to work feeling good physically, mentally, emotionally.  It was a good day, though I wasn’t worth much by evening.  Today, I got up late, and will have to do several brief meditations throughout the day.  If you’ll practice the quick and powerful method for getting into a meditative state, you can easily do short meditations.

I searched for “emotional issues” on YouTube and found many good videos.  I chose an Abraham one, because it’s more generic.  Get on that high flying disk, and get help when you feel it’s appropriate.

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