Doing Your Work

spiritual earthI hope you know or are working toward understanding what your mission is in this incarnation.  It may be to help people wake up, guide the awakened, serve as a parent, lawful government worker for the People, teacher, healer, doctor, or many other kinds of work.  You may be a janitor or ditch digger while shining Light to people and all other spirit around you.  Whatever is your highest delight, do it coming from your own spirituality, with intention of spreading Light, wide awake, working for the highest good of all.

Many of us have various types of issues, as we keep adjusting to the energies and waking up to who we are.  You’ll need support in your efforts to live as a 5D person.  Find your own best spiritual / energetic practices, and do them.  There’s a lot of help available for that.  Just don’t let anybody dictate what they should be.  Hopefully you can find or create a community of two or more spiritually and Freedom minded persons—live, not on the internet.

Mr. Kirk Nugent on answering the call to a mission:

Video Link

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