5D Transformation ~ Very Gradual

Gilbert Williams - The Way Shower

Gilbert Williams – The Way Shower

Your Earth shall become the 6th hybrid race…  You are the seeds of that reality now…  Things that cannot even be described in your language will become your new nature…  Plant the seeds now in the ashes of those things that no longer serve you…  Be the Phoenix Earth… Rise now from those ashes and be free.   ~Bashar

Today, I searched for Cannon University of Metaphysical Studies, as I entertain the idea of a PhD in metaphysics, and wondered how the plans are coming along.  I stumbled onto a discussion of why we would need schools, when soon we will all be living in 5D.  I will give you my perspective, since the question had occurred to me, too.

Recall that I recently passed along to you a message about first wave ascension on 9/27/2015.  That, Matt Kahn said, will be about 1/3 of us.  In fall of 2016, before the US presidential election, “Everything will change!” said Epsilon, channeled by Darryl Anka, based on assessment of our collective consciousness.  We heard Suzanne Spooner and Ron Head’s QHHT sessions where it was told that “The Event” was or is imminent, however “imminent” is defined.  And back before 12/21/12, there was the conversation between Dr. Gregory and me, when he said, “Yes, it’s gonna be slow.  It’s gonna be real slow.”

I think about all this a lot, as I reflect on my mission.  At this point, most people know nothing of New Earth.  A good percentage cannot even entertain anything beyond 3D and one lifetime.  Something big has to happen to wake them up.   If everyone suddenly takes a leap in evolution, they won’t need a wayshower.  Yet, it has been confirmed that I am a bridge between 3D and higher realms.

the-way-shower1Here is a comment by YouTube contributor, Willow Star, on the video featured below:
Interesting that this is in the christian prophecy…the transformation of physicality and the thousand year period of peace.
“52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye…. we shall be changed.
53 For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.” 1 Cor 15
“Blessed and holy are those who share in the first resurrection. The second death has no power over them, but they will be priests of God and of Christ and will reign with him for a thousand years.” Rev 20:6

I think that means that everyone on Earth will serve as priests of God and Christ.

The video below seems to be summarizing all of the above.  We will have peace and fulfillment.  We don’t yet know how to take advantage of Earth’s energetic changes.  We are not totally 5D.  We’ll learn to live as 4th density / 5th dimensional (5D) beings, much more in control of our own time and personal universes within our shared universe.

That is true Freedom.

One third will suddenly experience a personal shift in a personal way.  The rest will know that something went down, and will need help in understanding and bringing themselves up.  Somewhere along the way, the global controllers will be taken down, many arrested or removed, if even temporarily, and we will get to know our ET relatives!

Imagine going through all the coming changes in ignorance of the grand process unfolding.  Many will be fearful.  Many won’t know what to do or won’t trust that they really can have it so good.  Many will be demoralized to feel a need to drop or reform in a personal way, their formal religions.  You and I know how hard it can be to let go of hurts and fears, to switch around your understanding of the world and how things work.

The New Earth Renaissance will kick into high gear, involving all aspects of our lives. Earth will need teachers, artists of all kinds, craftsmen, engineers and scientists, architects, master gardeners and landscape artists, herbalists, healers, caregivers—and yes, metaphysicists—all working together for each other and the future hybrid 7th race.  Begin now to do what excites you, you facet of Source.

New Earth energies will support your choices!

So I may take the time to study metaphysics at a school involving many QHHT practitioners, who will make it a very advanced class, as you’d see if you could read that QHHT Forum.  The more I learn, the more prepared I’ll be to assist others as Wayshower.

Whatever the interests and natural bent each of the first wavers, they will work for mankind, so that we all advance by shining our individuality as aspects of Source.  To full 5D, 6D and then 7th in a very short time.

Are you excited to be living through this fascinating time?!

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  1. You have amazing energy and. I love how you explain things, simple and to the point! Thank you for reaching out to so many!
    Have u heard anything about the implants and Kryon feeling it was the reason so many Of us are getting stuck? It is bbelieved they were done during surgeries, flu shots and to all military persons. ??? I had a cleansing done by First contact ground crew- channeling Kryon, and others. Maybe something to look into, write about, etc??
    I also wondered if you just “knew” as a child that you had a mission and it was bigger than life, like a big deal? I remember being 7 and that just popping in my head – many times thru out my life too! Its so crazy to see all things connect isn’t it!? Love Melissa

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  2. Thanks for the compliment, Melissa. You are all welcome to what I am able to do.

    I’ve heard of those implants, even had concern for a family member who took the H1N1 hoax vaccine. I haven’t followed up on them, nor heard Kryon on the subject. I’ll look into it more, including remedies.

    As a child, I didn’t get a sense of mission, but felt “different”. I was very slow in forming my mission path, but now – yes – everything in my universe is connected. I even see the advantages of having been the shaman’s laziest student and staying in engineering after I felt an urge to leave! LOL



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