That’s Just Crazy Enough to Work

There is only the understanding of the thing that needs to be taught to every child on the planet, and that is the knowledge that every single individual on this planet is already powerful as he or she needs to be to create any reality desired, without having to hurt yourself, or anyone else, to get it. That’s how powerful you are.  ~ Bashar

clever pathDo you understand why I espouse not dwelling on what the Globalist controllers are doing?  It’s because WE are such POWERFUL beings that whatever we put our mind to long enough, we create!  In the video, below, Bashar explains that we don’t change the planet we are on, but we change our own path to a new pebble path in the Multiverse; we shift to a new personal Universe.  In fact there are Earths in existence—remember, all exists in the ever existing NOW—that have been blown up, used up, or killed off, and those where everyone has actualized to 5th dimension and higher.  I’m choosing the latter, and can’t afford to be dwelling on what war is going on or what Obama is saying.  I can’t avoid hearing an overview, so when I hear that, for example, a former Canadian official is telling the truth about aliens, I follow up.  I want truth in my world.  Of course, my truth is different than that of someone who thinks that of all the trillions of planets in the galaxy, Earth is the only inhabited one.

As you see what you don’t want, you learn what you do want.  ~ Abraham

That sounds familiar if you listen to my YouTube “Creating” playlists.  As we are learning to apply that to our personal lives, let’s apply it to the political part of our personal lives.  Let’s create universes that overlap in their condition of Freedom on Earth! We could go on being upset over what’s happening, or we could put that energy into imaging what we want, imaging the food we want to have available, the health care products (as we rapidly evolve to a state of having no illness or death we don’t choose), quality products, and friendly, beneficial inter-neighborhood or inter-governmental interactions.  And then, taking steps to create what we’ve imaged.  We each come in with different bents and personal missions.  One person may do nothing more than grow good food or create and sell a high quality product; another may have it in theirself to become a great political leader.  I’m not saying we must avoid politics, but don’t dwell on any undesirable situation.  You may be the one with a solution and ought to put your attention on implementing that solution.

It helps to get hammered for awhile on the, new to most of us, paradigm of understanding how we each create our own universe.  Keep practicing creating your own life and you’ll see more and more results, even in the state of your country.

[The best way to proceed in the Transformation is to] Just keep working on your good and happy life.  ~Dr. Gregory Antyuhin.

I’m just getting back to a little bit normal after  crazy rushing to get to Melbourne, FL and start the new (last) engineering job.  I’m ready to concentrate on the blog and start my QHHT practice here.  Using the Creating paradigm, I’ve already rounded up some clients.  Write to me with your own successes or suggestions.

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