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Hello, beauties.  I’m still adjusting to not having slept last Wed. night, a brief visit with my daughter’s family and settling into a hotel in Melbourne. Soon I’ll have my habits switched around and post regularly.  My first day of work was yesterday.  It’s all good people.  The boss seems very nice.  The job is systems engineering, and should be fun.  Maybe it’s the Transformation and all of us lining up into the negative and positive sides, and possibly changes in myself, that I’m finding engineering to be a much more positive environment than in the past.

This morning I added a Practices section to the bottom of the home page of my YouTube channel.  (See YouTube link on the site menu.)  I may reorganize a bit, as I see two playlists contain pineal gland meditations, etc.  So just be aware that videos may be moved around.  Here’s the direct link to the Practices set of playlists:

I haven’t done all of these. I’m planning on starting the sun gazing.  I’m sure some of you are way ahead of me in your practices and I’ll be happy for your feedback.


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