New Earth


Well, I finished my move to the country and got my wireless hot spot going.  Today I finish straightening up, organizing, if not unpacking it all, then I pack to fly to FL tomorrow.  If I write a good post, I’ll never make it.  There are so many things to write about, but let me just ask how you all are finding the changes.   We are deeper into 5D.  Please let me know @  It’ll be confidential, though I may address your thoughts generally, in later posts.

Stay Strong

When you change your vibration, you change everything and everyone around you. You change the vibration of mass consciousness.

Are you still having issues flare up so you can see them and let go?  Is that getting easier?

Are you finding it easier to be calm, let things go without upset or dwelling on them?

Are you planning less details?  Knowing what you want and letting it happen?

Are you spacy?  Forgetful?  Living in the moment?  Happier?  Joyful?

How about relationships, jobs, living situations?  Are you having to make adjustments, as you become a more positive person?

Do you feel closer to spirit? Are you less religious and more spiritual?  Are you letting go of fears of evil, demons, etc?  find peaceIs your spirituality about Light, Life, and Love?  Is your understanding of yourself as spirit increasing?

Are you more sensitive to energies?  Seeing more?

Are you getting “downloads”, knowings, from your Super/Subconscious or Higher Self, or other high beings of Light?

Have a better understanding of what’s been happening to mankind on Earth, yet not upset or fearful?

Do you have less fears of any type?  More tolerance?

Is manifesting easier lately?

Then there are the body process, transformation body symptoms.

Let me know how you are and if there’s anything you’d like me to address.  I still intend to write more on the New Renaissance, by request.

I hope you’re listening to the Creating playlists.  They are very helpful.  Click on YouTube on the site menu to find my YouTube channel.  I still haven’t made any videos myself, just made some good playlists.

Love to all.  I’ll post more asap.





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