Wave of Negative Energy

Shaman Controlling EnergyShamanism is a lot about energy—feeling it, seeing it, detecting it, energetic connections, changing it, clearing it, and making it lighter, stronger, changing its color or quality.  When I used to go to the Theosophical Society, one of the teachers kept reminding us to pay attention to the energies around us, and not to waste energy bucking a strong wave of energy that seems to make your actions more difficult. We should and can all pay a LOT more attention to our own energy and that around us.  It will help us live a more powerful life.  I am, of course, talking to myself, as I used to call myself Dr. Gregory’s laziest student.

Last Sunday, a wave of negative, chaotic energy swept through the hotel, as I was doing my laundry.  The washer began spinning from the previous load after I put my soap in; my black clothes came out with what I thought was soap all over them; I ran them through another cold water cycle in a different machine, then another with warm water.  At that point the manager was there because a dryer didn’t work.  He noticed fine white sand in the bottom of the first washer I’d used.  It did come off in the dryer.  Then he had troubles with the door.  He’d been having a lot of troubles that evening.  Then, due to lightning, the elevator quit, and I carried a heavy basket to the third floor.  Soon after, the elevator worked.

1530468_566365053474056_5447717310572923760_nMeanwhile, I got notices regarding three bills I hadn’t postponed until I collect money.  I caught myself getting stressed, until I took a breath and told myself everything would work out.  Then I realized this was a wave of negative energy.  I got the sense that it had swept through and out of the hotel, coming from the west and out up into the sky, over the ocean—a clearing of negative energy.  I asked a couple, as they came in, if they felt the wave.  They said no, but they were in love, so I didn’t trust their assessment.  I met a young man on the elevator and asked, “Did you just feel a wave of negative energy sweep through the hotel?”  He said seriously, “Yes, I did.”  See, the younger people come in more in tune, with DNA changes that allow it.

These energies happen.  It is important to identify them, rather than to get caught up in and magnify the negative effect on yourself.  Practice noticing all the energy around you.  Notice energetic connections between yourself and other people and situations.  That’s the first step.  Just observing.

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