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spiritual renaissance

A New Spiritual Renaissance has begun.

Spirit wants me to be bold and clearly state that Spirit leads me.  As I’ve mentioned, I don’t consciously channel, I don’t see spirits in front of me, nor hear them speak—usually, unless I’m working with other sensitives, but I do intuitively detect information—I just know.  It’s important that we admit and allow our abilities, as the more we work with Spirit, the more free we are.  Intuition and more communication with Spirit are increasing in our fifth dimension.

This week I’m in the process of packing and moving, so I’m once again going to let someone speak to you for me.

Here is one of the greatest patriots of America and of Earth.  He’s been researching truth almost all his life.  I hope you will think that giving up an hour of something else is worth your own freedom.

Mr. Jordan Maxwell, one of the greatest voices for Freedom.  He says the human family needs a spiritual and intellectual renaissance, that we don’t need revolutions on the street.  That’s my opinion on the matter, as you know.

Here he is, Raw and Uncut:

Video Link

Video – Maxwell’s Belongs Burnt Up




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