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Learning to Create – Decide and Let It Go

Let It GoWhat a crazy week!  I’ve packed for two places simultaneously, getting ready for one last engineering job in Florida (paperwork) and moving out of my Huntsville apartment.

I’ve been listening to my YouTube playlists on Creating since January, getting over my “poor” theme that had kept me from affluence and security, learning to mind my vibrations—my emotions, attitudes and thoughts.  I’m like an impartial observer of Rosalie.  I’ve wound up creating security through what could be a totally self sufficient and off grid tiny house in a woods!  With a hill, and a stream running through it!!

From first hearing about the possibility of this deal, I was thankful for that bit of security supporting me, making it possible for me to relax and create a new career and realize my life mission.  At some point, I realized I’d need one more engineering job to back my startup.  Let me tell you, though, I went through a couple of weeks of low vibration worry and lack of belief in my abundance.  I imagined problems with moving way out to the woods.  I had to work hard, observing myself all the time, and switching back into the Vortex of Creation, that happy in the moment feeling that all is right, NOW.

I decided I wanted to work in Melbourne, FL.  I spent a whole day imaging and deciding what I’ll do when I win the lottery jackpot.  I observed that sometimes my lower mind had to come out with a quiet reminder that I was only imagining.  I pushed that thought aside.  I was making real plans.  Buying a big home on the beach in the Melbourne area was part of the plan.  I even picked out a home.  At first, I was thinking a $250,000 modest home.  Then, I thought, really, I have $40 million.  I can afford $3.5 million. I chose that one, plus the bigger one with a view in the mountains, with lots of land for gardens, where one of my sisters can live with me and raise her goats, and do whatever she wants as a master herbalist.  We’ll hire a lot of help.

Just like Law of Attraction always works, the very next day, I got a call from a recruiter and scheduled an interview for a good job in Melbourne.  Then one on the west coast, near Tampa, that I would have enjoyed, too.  For both, there were delays, then I was in the top three, then more delays.  When I had the reading I told you about, with Jelaila and the Nibiruan Council, they said I had not gotten an offer, because I had not been clear that I wanted it.  Money was getting tight.  I said, all right I’m clear now!  Ready for the job!!

As I focused with gratitude on plans for living in the woods, realization dawned.  I had dropped the habit of disallowing myself to retain money and affluence.  I mean, if I had to give it away, by damn, my subconscious was going to make me poor.  Now all that had changed!  I began to bask in the miracle that I was, seemingly accidentally, creating all the security I’ve wanted.  The situation has answers for all the issues and obstacles I’ve had, not just money.  I’ll have a community of loving people who will help each other through this beginning of the New Earth (unbeknownst to them, as yet).

Well, my attention was off the engineering job search, for the most part.  That’s one thing you learn in the playlists:  Decide what you want, get clear on it, and then forget about it.  If it occurred to me, my thought was that it’s still in the works to get one of those two jobs, probably the one in Melbourne.  Well, this week, I had another good interview with a manager I liked, for a fun job in Melbourne.  I knew I had it; got the offer the same day.  And that’s why life is hectic now!

There are several options for my QHHT practice.  I may practice in both areas.  I may have the beach mansion and the mountain paradise.  Until I get clear on what I choose to create, I’ll go with the flow, eyes open for possibilities, ears open to Spirit.

In 5D, we are learning that we are INFINITE creators!

Here, Abraham talks about letting it go.

Video Link

It’s a very good habit to listen to my Creating playlists every day!  It will undo your abusive indoctrination of lack so you can create what you want.  There is no lack, but in our minds.  Click on Menu item YouTube to find the playlists.



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    • Just when I about to get with the Huntsville group you may already gone to Florida. I would not hold back, I can OK here in the bible belt. I already see you in the wooded home you talk about in these words and bless it all the way.

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      • You’re very sweet, Brian. The wooded house is near you, but my job is in Melbourne. This year I’ll begin practicing QHHT in Melbourne and figuring out how to divide time between both places. Spirit says Huntsville has a need. I’m not sure what that means.


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