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Money – Part 2: Charging for Spiritual Work

Money – Part 1, discussed the Universal Law of Energy Exchange.  Against this law, the1682780-poster-1280-2-wachowskis-bring-the-matrix-back-for-ge idea that taking money for spiritual work is evil was introduced to the Matrix through religions, and then was fed into “new age” circles.  Why?  To keep us chained.  To inhibit spiritual work.  To prevent the dawning of the New Earth.  We had disconnected from the strangle hold of religious misconceptions and Matrix lies.  The Cabal wants us stopped.

Not accepting exchange creates an energetic imbalance, affecting the energetic system of both provider and receiver. Some older women in my spiritual circles first taught me this principle of equality.  “We have to keep it even, they’d say.”  They insisted on paying somehow, with a meal, cookies, or some of their work, such as intuitive reading.

Universal Law of Correspondence


Spirit Is Everywhere

As Above, So Below.  Therefore, all things physical are spiritual.  Work that helps people spiritually and uses spiritual levels of energy is not truly more spiritual than any other work.  It’s rather hypocritical to set oneself up as something special when it comes to money.  In fact, the Matrix interference invites judgmentalism, which clouds and blocks energy flow.

Acceptance and Gratitude

A healer, for example, may be in dire need of funds and ask for ways to take care of bills.  Then when the Universe brings them what they want, in the form of a client who would be willing to pay, they block that energy flow.  “Oh, no.  I’m too spiritual to take payment.”  The thing to do is to be grateful for the flow of energy coming your way.  Practice allowing and receiving.



Purity of Heart

The more pure of heart we are, the more effective our work is.  Karma and personality traits—thought themes—may cause anyone to have issues, some regarding money.  Spiritual workers may make decisions based on those quirks, and put their flaws and choices onto others—that is, if they don’t charge, or if they use a sliding scale or keep prices very low, then they think everyone should be bound by their choices.  That’s not how it works.  Purity of heart comes in gleaning off one’s own issues, while leaving others unjudged.  That opens the heart so that love can flow through, and one can align better with spiritual levels.

New Money Paradigm

The New Earth paradigm about money is not that we should not exchange, but that we don’t need energy exchange in the form of money.  Tolec, of, has relayed that it will take about twelve years for us Earthlings to learn that and eliminate money.  Still, the Law of Energy Exchange will apply.


People in our culture tend not to value anything that is cheap or free.  I was happy to pay $100 for a session with a healer in GA, out away from Atlanta.  As a child, she was taught by spirit – American Indian spirits, who adopted her into the tribe.  She does Indian style healings where several people gather in a room, surrounding a healing table, and spirit points out to her which person is next.  She’d been charging $5 each.  Women would drive up in Rolls Royces and mink coats and pay only the $5.  Then she had a dream.  It was one of those warehouse type sales with items stacked on tables.  There was a table of magnificent mink coats.  The sign said $5.  As the healer and friend were picking theirs out, two wealthy women came in, drew scissors out of their bags, and began cutting the coats to shreds.  The dreamer asked why.  The women said, “Oh, well, they can’t be worth anything if they’re only $5.”  Knowing that dream was a message from Spirit, the healer immediately raised her rates to $100 each.

Know your local market rate for your type of work and price accordingly, as in any other business.  Spiritual or not, it is business.  People in New Earth will learn to take charge of their own lives, be more entrepreneurial, knowing that business is not, in itself, bad.  Just like money.

Questioning Abraham about charging “too much”:

Here’s Teal on the subject:





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