Germans take to the streets in 100 cities to demonstrate against the Federal Reserve banking system and its wars

One evidence of the existence of the global Cabal, or Illuminati, is the many unlawful organizations, even having the same name, in many of the world’s false governments:  Federal Reserve, Internal Revenue Service, ex.  In America, both of those are unconstitutional foreign owned, illegal corporations (now illegal under UCC law).  It’s a good sign that people are beginning to wake up and want to throw off the tyranny.  However, as I’ve said before, protesting is asking permission–asking the master to grant us a little favor.  That does no good, except to gain the attention of the sleepers. The way to be free is to act freely, to take control.  I’m hoping other thinkers will apply themselves to figuring out solutions.  Perhaps the best solution is for each community to establish their own local banker, and to start a grass roots network of banks with a new currency.  I’m not the expert on currencies, but other people have been working on that issue.

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