Quantum Healing

Cannon University of Metaphysical Studies

Last week at the Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference, Dolores and Julia Cannon announced Cannon University.  This is wonderful news, especially since it will teach other healing modalities and metaphysics.

It makes perfect sense. Besides doing quantum healing as a renowned pioneer hypnotist, Dolores has hosted a weekly Metaphysical Hour for years.  Her Convoluted Universe, the series of four books (so far) about this crazy multiverse explain reality in a most interesting way.  Now she is about to come out with her latest book on ancient knowledge.

Besides working with her mother, Julia is a nurse, hypnotist, and does several other types of natural healing.  She’s also a talented speaker.  I have read and recommend her book, Soul Speak – The Language of Your Body, on the messages our bodies give us through dis-ease.  It’s on my reference shelf.

Cannon University and its graduates will be ready for our future, as Big Pharma, medical insurance, and lies about natural treatments disappear off the face of our wonderful New Earth!

Here they are, making the announcement:


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  1. Hi I took level 1&2 QHHT . afterward I had 2 sessions with Natalie hall and one with Kay tench. In these sessions, I was told my hands on healing should be my modality. I call it Sothis Healing. I use wormholes to get to source, and through these gateways energy is transmitted as I act as an antenna . Each gate way has 2 guardians at each end, and the through fares have the colours of the chakras. The wormholes move and change shape and density. I would love to share this with the you and your students. If you feel this could be appropriate for the uni , I’d be happy to oblige and share the information I received during these sessions. I learnt about the origins of the universe, the elders, first wavers in ancient times (pyramid)

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    • Hi, cherieleb,

      I wonder whether you are a member of the QHHT forum, Dolores’s original one run by Candace Craw-Goldman. You could tell about it there. Also, you could contact Candace to see if it might be a topic for her wonderful radio show. I’d enjoy hearing about it!

      And please find the contact information on http://www.dolorescannon.com to ask about contributing your knowledge to the university.

      Keep up your good work!



    • That’ll be great for you, Mildred. You can find a practitioner nearest you, no matter where you live, at:
      and fill out the form and in the first drop down, choose either
      Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®)
      Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH).

      The first choice is strictly as Dolores taught before she passed; BQH is QHHT with the addition of helpful other modalities, as encouraged by Dolores after she passed. All BQH practitioners are certified in QHHT. So find someone near you and you may want to discuss their options for types of sessions. Enjoy!


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