Notes on Processes

Freydoon-Rassouli_1In this post I talk about myself, to let you know what you might go through and give an inkling of how I think, my approach to some problems.  It may introduce you to some new topics.  If you think they’re a little crazy, prepare to soon consider yourself crazy.

A Reading

I hope you won’t think it too woo woo that I tell you about a “reading” I had.  Several years ago, I did my own test of psychic/intuitive/spiritual readings, to see what they are like.  I found that some readers are skilled and true; others have some ability, but are not that good; still, a small minority are just crooks that try to rope you in and drain money from you.  As in most professions.  A reader may use tarot or astrology to draw in their intuition, and/or contact yours and their spirit guides, or just “look” and tell you.  Some use cards so as not to scare you that they can “just know” about you.  You have to use your own intuition and/or recommendations to get a good one.  The ones I get, I would call spiritual readings, coming from people working on a high vibration.  Good ones tend to be expensive, but you can get a lot of info from them in 15-30 minutes if you have your questions ready, or even in a general reading.  They can explain things to you, tell you of possibilities and best approaches.  As for the future, good or bad, having free will, we can change it.

10338300_10202299910724754_2658595399567746686_nDr. Gregory teaches to get your own answers directly by training your consciousness.  I would have, but though I’m having spiritual “downloads” or “knowings” and feel more in touch with my Higher Self, I haven’t been able to meditate, lately.  I was drawn to the right person for me now¹, Jelaila Starr.  It was synchronicity.

Dolores Cannon has spoken of the “Three Waves of Volunteers”², people from other places who came to Earth to help us through this time.  People call themselves starseeds and feel or “know” that they are from other planetary systems.  (Use a grain of salt, if needed.)  I had a question about my connection with a certain group, and Jelaila was the perfect person to give me that answer.  I got confirmation of who I thought mine are, an indication of who I am.  You could say, “historically”, though there is no time as we think it.

201213Another question was what’s blocking the meditation.  She said it’s deep emotions that I don’t want to uncover.  I think these have partially blocked the QHHT I’ve had done on me.  I’ll get a clearing session from her to clear that energy block.  Most readers also do energy work of various kinds.  Sometimes it’s difficult to work on yourself, and I “feel” she’s the one to do it.

Desiring reassurance, I asked if I was on track with my mission as Wayshower.  They said yes, I’m doing well, the website is good and just keep keeping it real, as I have been.  They called me a “Bridge” between 3D and higher dimensions.

We discussed my QHHT practice.  She said I can practice it anywhere, as most of my clients will come off the internet.

Symptoms ~ from the Transformation and Life Issues

10322747_755024547875166_3448551119218507167_nI haven’t been good about posting daily, partly due to Transformation Symptoms.  The pic here shows many good symptoms, and there are others.  Let’s not dwell, but we should be aware of them.  Again, its called Transformation or Ascension or Shift.  Ascension is my least favorite word, because for many, it denotes kind of ascending in the air (Jesus) or increasing vibration to the point of disappearing (Yogis), but when I search for symptoms, it’s the word most used.  Whatever, these energies are causing changes in us, and some not so pleasant.  I’ve had many since 12/21/2012, when the rate of change picked up noticeably.  The world has seemed a little unsteady to me, strange sometimes.

When not doing a QHHT session, I read and write facing a balcony with glass doors, where I see people walking by on the sidewalk.  On clear days, a lot of people pass by.  Oddly, there have been a few days when I saw no one all day.  Is this time or dimensional slippage?

I’ve had many sleep issues, sometimes not sleeping at all.  Narcolepsy, which is gone now, thank God.  Then a period of sleeping past noon, though for my whole life, I’ve rarely been able to sleep past 8.

The past week or so—I have the symptom of not remembering well what happened last week or yesterday—I felt bad all over.  Heart pain and lots of joint and muscle pain.  My diet has included some junk food, lately, after being so good for so long.  That may have something to do with it.  Gregory says I have spots in my aura.  We do better these days to eat only real food, not white carbs, not GMO, and to drink pure, non-fluoride-poisoned water.  I find that I pay for not following that.

Top all that off with lack of concentration.

Well, I was feeling much better.  Then yesterday my lower back got a pinched nerve again.  I know why that happened.  The back is about support.  The lower back is support of your life by people or the universe, plus the flexibility to move the hips, which determine your direction.  This is about having reserve money to put me through building up a QHHT practice (support), and I’ve had to face the fact that I need one more engineering gig to get it going (direction).   I had two good interviews for Florida jobs, but the companies are being very slow to hire.  In my reading, I was told that I had not gotten an offer yet, because I had not been clear on wanting one.  I got word last night that the first job has been filled internally.

Okay, I’m clear now.  Ready for a job.  Thank you, body, I got your message.  Let’s heal the back.

Here is a video of Dolores regarding the three waves of volunteers; then one of Dieter of Indian in the Machine about three waves of ascension, and how these waves relate to three waves of photons.  I’m not convinced that people will ascend as he describes, but the photon belt is one source of transformational energies.

Video 1 Link

Video 2 Link



1. Jelaila Starr,

2. The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth, Dolores Cannon.  Order from her website or get from any online or bricks and mortar bookstore.



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