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Videos Are Omitted in Followers’ Emails

frustrationI include videos in most of my posts, and I hadn’t realized until the other day that emails of my posts omit the the videos!  I signed up for email myself, to check.  On today’s there was no indication of two videos included.  I’ll try to find a solution to the issue.  Anyway, I updated the paragraph before the videos to clarify what waves Dieter’s talking about:

Here is a video of Dolores regarding the three waves of volunteers; then one of Dieter of Indian in the Machine about three waves of ascension, and how these waves relate to three waves of photons.  I’m not convinced that people will ascend as he describes, but the photon belt is one source of transformational energies.

If you’re interested and you didn’t see those videos, please go to the post on the site and watch.  You may want to listen to some you’ve missed in other posts.

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