5D Abilities

Create Your Personal Renaissance

5D Changes in Thinking Facilitate Creation of the Life You Choose

Choose the Items in Your World

Choose the Items in Your World

So far we’ve talked about stepping or leaping to a new Multiverse pebble path, a new Universe, a new You with a new Past.  We’ve talked about the stories we tell ourselves and how they prevent changes [Change Your Past], and we saw the cartoon showing how the stories from others contribute to our homeostasis.  Then how can we ever change our lives?  How do we stop the stories?  Being as how what we resist persists, it is easiest for us to replace the old stories with new ones.  This applies to stories about the past and the future.  “A warrior selects the items that make his world,” says Don Juan.  So then, a warrior, until he is able to stop his thinking, selects his stories.

Luckily for us, the Multiverse is on our side by virtue of its ever-changing, evolving, and building, while gleaning off what does not belong in its futures.  There is something within us that makes us want to develop ourselves.  We contain a built-in theme that makes us desire to change in positive ways.  Even negative changes are only positive desires covered over by belief in limitation; ex., we may  think we have to steal and cheat to gain abundance, beat others down to feel self-worth, take energy from others to make ourselves more powerful.  We may have accepted limitations to the extent that we look as if we have no desire.  Maybe we can’t feel any desire.  In that case our acceptance of stories has made us ineffective, or we may fall into weakness and accept defeat.  Still, we can drop those limiting stories that don’t belong in our chosen future, and become a totally different person.


In 5D, we find it easier to stop the internal dialogue of repetitious themes. 

incessant internal dialogue 2I’ve been the worst, SO stuck in my mind that it surprises me now that I can execute a mundane task with far less unregulated self talk.  In 5D we’re giving it up.  We’re freeing ourselves.

Affirmations will write new stories and develop creative themes.  While you’re about your daily routines, like dressing, driving, etc., state out loud things you’ve chosen for your world.  [See Sticky Notes.]

As the author Neville taught, image what you choose for your life, especially right before bed.

Changing the past is happening automatically for us, as we move forward into 5D.

Water Under the Bridge

Memory – Water Under the Bridge

Our past is only our memories and our interpretation of them.  Our memories are selective.  We tend to remember things that confirm our pre-existing stories.  If we think our family doesn’t love us, then we forget times when love was shown.  If we think they are mean to us, then we remember those times.

The 5D person reinterprets and releases his memories.

The Transformational energies are causing our psychological issues to crop up.  Seemingly without effort, if perhaps gyrations of anger and crying, we are able to look at those memories, allow more love for others and ourselves, forgive and let go of the issue.  If we still remember, it is with a new, positive interpretation.  Thus, our past has changed.

Many of us, without intending it, are living in the moment, not thinking of past or future.  In fact, we are experiencing memory “problems”.  Again, this is due to the energies.  Some advanced ET civilizations no longer have memories.  I don’t know how far this planetary civilization will go with it, but we are moving in that direction.  This quality means that there is no past dragging on our future, swaying and limiting it.

In 5D, your energetic frequency has increased.

Have you noticed that you approach life in a more positive way than just a couple of years ago?  Many people do.  We are moving away from people and situations who are not positive, or they move away from us.  It isn’t only positive thoughts.  Our bodies have more light.  Our multidimensional being vibrates at a higher frequency.  So our bodies are disturbed when we are around negativity.  Wanting a path with heart, meaning one that gives us great satisfaction and peace, we cannot continue in a job, career, marriage, relationship or location that is disharmonious to us.  We find it imperative to make changes in big life situations and everyday habits.

Door to New Path~

A Wider Field of Creativity

As we drop the limiting themes, change our past by reinterpreting memories, and increase our frequency, our field of creativity widens.  To the extent that we’ve made those changes, we’ve already stepped onto a new pebble path.  Our mindset has changed.  We’re more confident.  And suddenly we’ve come upon the opening to a new path of beauty.  We step through that opening and encounter worlds of possibilities for creating a more conscious, creative, exciting and satisfying life.  We are a new person in a new universe.  And we choose our path with heart.


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