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New Ways of the 5th Dimension

89aa270eec7930db0b62036b61a247f8The New Earth Blog is almost three months old now.  We’ve looked at several topics that we will later expand upon.  Though we leave the details of cosmic event monitoring to others, we know that as the Transformational energies keep hitting us hard, we will understand more and more what it means to be living in the fifth dimension.  Today I want to encourage us by pointing out some of the ways in which we have already changed how we think, feel, and operate.

Observing and Letting Up on Ourselves

The energies have made us feel strange and off track.  We wonder what the hell is going on.  That has caused us to begin observing ourselves more, not with neurotic worry, but with curiosity.  That way we learn that we are not the person we are watching, but we are the Watcher.

As we observe ourselves, we feel more kindly toward ourselves.  We love ourselves more.  We observe and make corrections, change responses and direction.  As the energies bring up our psychological stuff, we don’t kick ourselves for being suboptimal or wrong.  We observe and let go.  We see causes for our unhappiness, and we make adjustments.

Some people are saying it’s time to eliminate ego altogether, but I’m not sure if we are ready to function without an ego.  When I say ego, I mean a separate mind—the rational body mind; in esoteric terminology, the lower mind.  I think people who want to eliminate it are not understanding it, technically; they only mean to take control of its fear and pettiness.  That is the common cultural definition of ego, a part of psychology, and not a mental entity.  Though we will do without it, eventually, that will happen gradually; and it won’t come by feeling unkindly toward it.

We have two minds, that lower mind, which is not us, just as our body is not us, and the Higher Mind, which is a part of our soul.  Dr. Gregory doesn’t even get this technical.  He just speaks of “part of our spirit”.  You can think of it like that.  It is that Watcher.

We Begin to Act as the Higher Mind

As we become the Watcher, we look at life differently.  We are surprised to see that we are becoming wise and understanding of people and the world.  We begin to get intuitive messages or we “just know” things.  Our consciousness has already expanded.  That is why many of us are wanting to find our mission in life, and are changing careers.

We Can No Longer Be Enslaved

We are awake and more aware.  We know there is a world wide effort to completely enslave us, that we have been enslaved and abused.  At some point we realize how easy it would be to stop agreeing to it.  That’s what the FREEDOM thread is all about.

Anticipation of Change

We have a vague feeling that something’s about to happen.  Some people feel it as dread.  One purpose of the New Earth Blog is to change that dread to happy anticipation of the best thing that’s ever happened on the planet.  People talk about The Event that will cause us to completely break the chains, and will increase our Consciousness BIG TIME!








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