Ideas and Shared Pebbles in the Multiverse

89945ea57cb8fe2b9207a028f8bc6c1bToday, I’m going to fit together some ideas about a shared, or as Castaneda’s Don Juan called it, an “agreed upon universe“.  Paradoxically, we’ve also mentioned that each person has their own universe.  That is true, but unless a person is schizophrenic, their universe has a lot of commonality with most other people.  Even for some of us whose ideas are off the beaten (pebble¹) path, the commonality is high.  Consciousness is what we are.  How do we Consciousnesses share experiences?

Histories of inventions are full of instances of people simultaneously inventing the same thing—people who had no connection in real life.  Often the person who got historical credit for an advance was only almost the first to do so.  Why does that happen?

No End to ConsciousnessConsider this bit of a description of creation, from the Chaldaean Oracle of Zoroaster:

The Mind of the Father whirled forth in reechoing roar, comprehending by invincible Will Ideas omniform;…

I would say that in that verse, Mind means Consciousness.  I like the words whirl and roar.  To me, they are in place of much handier modern words, like Vortex, Energy and Frequency.  To me, Will is the Force of Intent.  Using Will, the Father—the Creator, the totality of all Consciousness, shall we say—trained Its Consciousness on and understood Ideas taking all manner of Form.  What most struck me is that the Ideas pre-existed! 

When you go to a strange area, you have to form a map in your mind of how it’s laid out.  When you first arrive, your map only extends across a limited number of blocks.  You’ve never gone as far as the town square.  There is no picture in your head of it.  Does the town square exist?  Or does it only exist after you’ve been there?  After you’ve formed a memory.  You think, “Well, of course it exists!  Other people are going there.”  You’re right, but it doesn’t exist in your universe.  It exists as some of the pebbles of the multiverse that are not on your path.  Its existence is there, and we can create shared experiences concerning that square.

Now, let’s ask when the town square began to exist.  You may say, “That’s silly.  As soon as they finished building it!”  I agree, but go further.  It existed even before the building started, even before the civil engineering began.  It existed in the mind of whatever citizen or official first thought it would be a good idea to create it.  The Idea of the square already existed in some form.  Somehow, some Consciousness was trained on that pre-existing Idea of the square. And then it was made a part of our agreed upon reality.  You think about it and say to me, “Okay, but that doesn’t explained HOW we all came into agreement.”

57cbb9b51684e2479fbbd2b6e4333ccfWe return to our pictures of pebbles in the multiverse.  Keep imagining those pebbles as you read further.  The imaging will make it easy to get what I’m saying.  Add to the image, that each pebble is vibrating.

Those town square multiverse pebbles were out there, part of the “Ideas omniform”.  They have a certain range of nuances of frequency.  A citizen brought his thoughts into alignment with that frequency range.  He told someone else who got to literally resonating mentally with the concept.  They promoted the idea.  More people resonated with the possibility, and began to make it a reality.  They agreed to share that group of pebbles, and brought them into their shared universe.  The town square became a reality.  As people share other pebbles nearby, they, too, agree that the town square exists in their own universe.

14 - 1So you see, individual universes are shared by agreements made by common resonance.  It’s all just Consciousness, tuned by energetic frequency.  The pebbles vary in frequency, as do the Consciousnesses; therefore, not every pebble is shared.  Shared parts of their multiverse are for each participant, a version of that part.  I have my version of the town square; you have yours.  That explains many of our squabbles; we argue from different standpoints that we think are the same. 

Going back to new ideas being thought of simultaneously by several people, you can reason by our analogy.  Each got to thinking about similar facts, along similar lines that put them all in energetic Consciousness atunement with the same concepts.  They were sharing the pebble path that holds the solution.  Voilá!




1 Click on “Multiverse” in the Category Cloud on the left sidebar of the page to find previous posts where the Multiverse pebbles were introduced.


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