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Poll on Home Page Layout – with Clarification

I needed to update this, to clarify.  As you read this page, you have to click on “Home” on the main menu.  Then you see what I’m talking about here, with the picture slider and the blog posts that you can click on.  So just click on “Home” and see whether you like it, then come back to this post and participate in the poll.  Have fun!  And have a wonderful, creative day!!

For the home page of this site, we have the choice of a static page, or showing the latest posts.  Until today it was static, with the article “Quantum Healing and Evolution”.  Now we are showing the posts.  As you can see, with this option, we also have the choice to show the large picture slider.  Please tell us which you like best, and feel free to comment.  Thank you!

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