Creating Reality

Drop Sticky Labels ~ Follow a New Pebble Path

Wisteria PathDon’t let self-labels stand in the way of your conscious creation of your universe.

If you’ve been listening to Abraham on my “Creating…” YouTube playlists, you know I only have 17 seconds to describe the problem.  I’ve compacted my words.  Read quickly.

A trend in global society is to assign negative labels to people and demographic factions.  Words like victim, bully, racist, abused, slow, unimaginative, lonely, poor, etc.  These are “sticky” labels—life long definitions of a person, assigned by others and by himself.  Since we know the controllers always have ulterior motives, we have to ask why.  It is to promote low self-esteem, powerlessness, hopelessness, hatred and discord.  It makes you manipulative, a willing slave.  Use of words like Hope and Change as political slogans is to imply that you have no hope and someone needs to change things for you.  You have no hope.  We give it to you.  We will take charge of you.  Sound like Orwell’s 1984?

That may have been longer than 17 seconds, so let’s address how to use your power to create.  First, turn off the TV.  Your world, that description given you since birth, and your own overprotective self-limiting ego, bind your creation enough, without that brainwash box blaring at you.

c70e0dff5400bf44307f65aeaa70cbefNow, check yourself.  Observe your thoughts, as the nonjudgmental watcher, to see if you are applying sticky labels to yourself.  I’m not suggesting analysis.  Certainly, don’t spend time talking about your sticky labels to others.  Rather, start correcting yourself.  If you planted a microphone in my house, you’d think I’m really a kook.  You’d hear positive rants like:  “I always have lots of money.”  “My universe provides everything needed to accomplish my goal.”  “I’m in charge of my universe.”  “Everyone in my life is happy, positive, and successful.”  “I’m a wonderful hypnotist.”  “Every day, twenty new clients contact me.”  “I’m booked six months ahead.”  “Every day, my body has less toxins.”  “The toxins are leaving my body in the most comfortable manner.”  “My body is healthy, strong and limber.”  Then there is the man already in my life that no one else can see, who has all the good traits and the opposite of undesired traits of the most recent one.

You get the idea.  State everything positively, as in your NOW.  Informally make up affirmations of what IS in your universe and say them to yourself—out loud, when possible.  Say them in the car, on your walk.  Put headphones on as a cover, if you like.

If you can’t quite believe that a current problem is gone, state that it is better than yesterday, until you can really image it gone.  Like I did with having “less” toxins.  Eventually, you’ll forget you ever had that problem.  And the new you will not have had.

All day long, image the state of your new universe, using imagination and all of your senses.  Feel it.  Vibrate it.  Walk as if you’re already in it.  Remember, anything you imagine is already real.  Its pebbles¹ are already in the multiverse.  In fact, those pebbles are very near you now, so that as you keep imaging and imagining, you will find that you’ve “accidentally” stepped over onto that new path, your new universe, in the multiverse.  You are a different person, altogether—powerful.  Your past has changed, because you’ve dropped the descriptions of past limitations.

You’ve magically stepped into a brilliant self-chosen future.



1 Click on Multiverse in the Category Cloud, right side of the page.


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