Freeing Ourselves ~ Part 2, Solutions

We must not focus on the negative, but on the solutions. 

9332ccdc30e0183b00d7ee26fb25e1f0“Freeing Ourselves” is a top level approach to being free to live a happy life while negativity still exists on this planet.   Admittedly, I understand best the situation in America¹, so I write mainly from that perspective, knowing that it may be easier or harder in other countries.  It would be fitting, regardless of my origins, to look at American circumstances, its being the first, and perhaps the only country in our known history, which government was based on a philosophy—the philosophy of Freedom.  Restoration of the USA would also free the rest of the world from the grip of the US.  That is already being done, as it loses its power, but we can hasten that, while assuring that we aren’t taken over by another power.

I’ve added the page Liberty as a New Earth Blog sub-menu item.  I’ve made a first pass listing of tyrannical circumstances that we choose not to have in our lives, on the page We Free Ourselves of These.  That list will grow.  To each item will be added a link to a page of solutions.

Solution Strategies

Taking the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America as the underlying philosophy of Freedom, the following premises will guide our solutions:

  1. People have the right to self governance.  Individual and local control is always preferable to higher level control.  Therefore, individual and local self responsibility are imperative.
  2. The corollary is that the People must control and grant very limited powers to higher levels of government.
  3. Therefore, when considering solutions, our main strategy is to GO LOCAL to the very extent we possibly can.
  4. We must be ever vigilant in guarding our Freedom.
  5. And thus, we do have the right of self defense, especially against our own government that we create.

I do not advocate violent revolution (at this time, here).  I don’t want anarchy.  We have a framework to fall back on.  We’ve simply let it slip away, from neglect.  It’s time to become the bosses of the government.  Therefore we must start by understanding the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of 1791 (the original plus the Bill of Rights).

We’ve seen that it is too easy to shirk our responsibility when we think that some government bureau somewhere will do the vigilance for us.  We see what happens when the plan for Freedom is top down, relying on Big Government and buy-in by corporations.  Don’t waste a minute considering such proposals.  Though there will be high level resolutions made to restore the real USA, abiding by the Constitution (money comes to mind, NO central bank), we must start local, and correct ourselves, bottom up, while that revamping is being accomplished.  It is advisable for every person to participate in governing ourselves.



1  USA is what people mean when they say America.  They don’t mean Canada, Mexico or Chile, so get over it brainwashed speech monitors.  Wake up to speech control as thought control, a clever device of the controllers.  They want to eliminate the USA and any idea of its uniqueness as being based on the philosophy of individual Freedom.36179371fc3a77ebf410bbe4f37f0eae





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